Amarna Miller – Manifest

Light, it’s the first thing you see at birth, you don’t know where you are, who you are, what you are. Like a blank sheet of paper. We are born into a world that gives us a name. A genre. A nationality. An identity. An identity we didn’t choose. When we are born, we are not born as a blank sheet of paper. I was born a woman in a patriarchal world. I have suffered from the inside the stigma of someone who has only seen me on the outside. I struggled with misogyny, accusing fingers and good manners. I’ve done things I’m proud of. And things I prefer to forget. But I believe in freedom of choice, I believe in love, I believe desire is free. And I believe that beyond the limits, there are new paths that lead to paradises to be discovered. You just have to know how to choose your path and not the one dictated by calm minds. I am amarna miller.

meeting Amarna Miller
“We women have heard so many times and in so many ways how we should use our sexuality that it’s time to use it however we want." Amarna Miller. Diari Ara Play. Cover (2017)

Using her body as a weapon, Amarna Miller openly declares herself a feminist and at war against patriarchy, breaking with socially imposed standards on women and becoming the sole owner and owner of their freedom. From non-conformity, she highlights the imposed social structure, impregnating any area of ​​her life of liberation, both professional and personal, spreading this freedom to those around her.

Her artistic name, Amarna Miller, is the composition of Amarna, the name of an Egyptian region where art from that time in history caught her mainly during her studies in Fine Arts. And Miller, inspired by the American writer Henry Miller, was mainly characterized by the censorship and controversy that she generated in her time through her novels, in which she wanted to denounce the moral hypocrisy of American society.

In honor of her surname, Amarna Miller denounces through the advertising spot Patria (Barcelona Erotic Salon, 2016) the moral hypocrisy that our society presents in different aspects, with special emphasis on sexual freedom. In this video, he shows us one of his artistic facets with the vengeful touch that characterizes him, working magic. With this location, it leaves no one indifferent, and invites reflection both for those who have already been in the room, as well as for those who have never been, but were informed about it.
Amarna Miller has been fighting for many years through her artistic content, for the empowerment of women, both in front of and behind the camera. Although two years is no longer pornography, she says, there are practices, relationships, roles, they are accepted. What is known as normative, which is whatever fits into what should be done. And others just don’t. If you don’t think so, what if we were talking about attachment instead of fellatio, or male-to-female heterosexual anal sex, about attachment? And the golden shower, bdsm, fetishes, polyamory or bellonephilia?

All of these non-normative practices or relationships are stigmatized because someone has decided to do so. Patriarchy, together with a Judeo-Christian morality rooted in the earth, makes our view of sexuality still very limited. Loaded with messages telling us that sexual relations are only for the purpose of procreation. Thus dictating to us, over hundreds of years, how we should desire and how we should establish our bonds.

Defend sexual freedom from disobedience and feminism by inciting the revolution of the established. As we cannot escape the system we live in, this heteropatriarchal society, it invites us to take advantage of it to get out of that imposed norm, to claim what is ours, in our own way. To take responsibility for our pleasure and blow the system from the inside. She has found her way, and it is that sleeping with as many people as she wants in front of the screen, knowing that millions of people will see her, is in itself an act of empowerment and insubordination of the majority satisfying.
Amarna Miller invites us to stop seeing sex as something bad, destructive and, above all, as something embarrassing. Let us begin to see for what it is, something beautiful, where even without it, as all those procreative messages that reach us say, no one would be here. So let’s take responsibility for this construction associated with it, let’s make it ours, based on empowerment, pleasure, consent and respect.

The producer, photographer, youtuber, publisher, sex worker, digital content creator, activist, writer and actress, among other things. Currently, he decided to focus his professional career mainly on his work in art, giving cane to YouTube and social networks.

The artist invites us to question ourselves, to tear down the foundations, to do what we really like and to communicate to the world that another reality is possible. invite us