It is true that there is a wide range of exotic restaurants where you can try dishes made with aphrodisiac foods , but making a special dinner at home has its crumb. Besides food, there are also other products that are aphrodisiacs: erotic cosmetics .

First, you have to define what the word aphrodisiac refers to. These foods (or objects) increase libido or arousal . Although there are no scientific demonstrations that they make us increase our libido , it should be noted that what happens to us is that we have sex associated with some foods (strawberries or chocolate, for example) and therefore, we feel more like have an erotic encounter. Likewise, if they make us more excited, welcome. 



This plant has energizing properties . It is very useful to improve blood flow , so that erection problems can be reduced. How to cook it? Very simple, you can add it to the ingredients of some toritas or pancakes . It can be the ideal breakfast for a morning of erotic games.



When they say the word “aphrodisiac" to us, our mind automatically thinks of the strawberries that we have seen so much movie scenes that preceded a session of marathon sex between the protagonists. But what is so special about strawberries? These directly affect the endocrine glands , in such a way that they relieve our body of stress . We can try  the combination of strawberries with cream and cava. Yes, maybe it is a bit typical and obvious, but the combination is very erotic. And you? Are you one of those who think that strawberries are aphrodisiacs because they are a cultural symbol that we associate with sex, or have you really observed its effects?


This fruit has a very curious connotation, since it was linked to desire . And what is this due to? Well, in Ancient Greece the first pomegranate plantation was attributed to the goddess Aphrodite (goddess of love). After a study carried out by the Queen Margaret University of Edinburgh, it was found that the juice of this fruit increases testosterone levels by 30% . What does this mean? That the levels of the hormone responsible for sexual desire are increased. Additionally, this study was conducted in women and men. Therefore, you can start consuming the juice of this fruit every day and see its effects. In addition, it not only reports benefits in the sexual sphere, but also has a great antioxidant power.  

food aphrodisiacs-honey-sexualityHoney

This golden liquid has properties that increase the production of testosterone , making the male desire to increase . Another component that we can find in this food is boron. Boron mediates the production of estrogens, the sex hormones related to female sexual desire. An idea to include this food in your erotic games is to put a little honey on your partner's nipples and lick them. Sweeter impossible!


The so fashionable and acclaimed (no wonder) avocado. This fruit contains a large amount of vitamin E and D , which influences its ability as a sexual stimulant . Likewise, the history of avocado as an aphrodisiac goes back to the Aztec Empire in Mexico where they defined this fruit as ahuacatl in Nahuatl (a language spoken in Mexico) and whose meaning was “testicle". Again we return to the cultural influence, does this fruit have a real aphrodisiac power or is it simply due to cultural suggestion? Last but not least, how to consume it? Very easy, with a few morning toasts with pepper, salt and lemon.



Another of the aphrodisiacs par excellence. This attribution as an aphrodisiac is due to the fact that cocoa contains theobromine , a substance that helps reduce fatigue and is beneficial for breathing and therefore, for sexual performance . It is also composed of anandamide, a substance that helps increase dopamine levels. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter linked to sexual pleasure. In addition, this food contains tryptophan, an amino acid related to serotonin. Serotonin is a very important neurotransmitter, since it is linked to pleasure and affectivity. Do you dare to spray your partner's body with chocolate and lick him sensually? Of course, nothing to apply it to the genitals.


This fruit has been associated with sex and fertility over the centuries . For example, in Arab culture this fruit was associated with male genitalia and in Judeo-Christian culture with female genitalia. Figs have numerous benefits for the body, such as controlling cholesterol, improving stressful situations, etc. Regarding its benefits as an aphrodisiac, the increase in serotonin levels can be highlighted thanks to its components , magnesium, potassium and vitamin C, among others. For all this, the fig provides numerous vitamins that will improve our sexual activity. What if you try to be completely naked in front of your partner and eat a fig in a sensual way?


This food stimulates the action of the gonads and influences the increase in desire . This spice also has a very curious fact; in the Middle Ages this spice was rubbed on the male genitalia to obtain a better erection. Do you remember that honey was also an aphrodisiac? Well, how about making a honey mustard sauce? Double aphrodisiac effect (and that sauce could not be richer).


Leaving aside food, there are other aphrodisiac products that we can add to our evenings of passion. By this I mean aphrodisiac erotic cosmetics.

Erotic incense sticks together with perfumes are an ideal product to prepare a sensual environment . Both the bars and the perfumes contain substances such as pheromones, which will help to trigger sexual attraction among those present in the room . They can be a perfect prelude to a dinner or lunch filled with aphrodisiac foods.

Another option is to take a relaxing bath with bath foams. These products are composed of substances that awaken the senses and make us have a very erotic and sensual experience . How about stimulating your senses through caresses while you melt away sniffing his intoxicating aroma?

In addition, within this variety of articles that will help us improve our sexual life, we can choose aphrodisiac sprays to help improve the erection and increase the vigor of the person who uses it.

Within the aphrodisiac cosmetics we can also find aphrodisiac creams . With them, you can perform massages that will take you to the climax . Its scents will create an exciting atmosphere, and together with a good massage, you will sensitize all your senses. Remember that your whole body is a great erogenous zone to stimulate . An idea to combine massage and aphrodisiac foods is to massage your partner (and then do it to you) blindfolded, and after the massage, let him taste some food such as chocolate. Passion is served!

As you can see, it is not known for sure if aphrodisiacs are a myth or a reality. It should be noted that there are many factors that influence stimulation, such as if the food is related to an erotic scene.

Even so, including this type of food or cosmetics can awaken us new sensations and get out of the routine. Investing time in making elaborate plans as a couple (such as a well thought out dinner, not an everyday one) can help strengthen the relationship; and it also has a plus of excitement.