Be with a companion, what you should or should not do: 

Protection – Being with a companion is synonymous with having to use protection, it is vital that you do it for both yourself and the companion. Any self-respecting companion will always tell you that they will not do anything without using protection for any money. And when she refuses, if the man misplaces the protection to get her out of her place, it is good that she has legs to escape because she will not like it at all. The protection is for you and the escort

Romance – Always remember that the job of a luxury escort is to play a certain role, so don’t make the mistake of falling in love, because what you are getting to know is just a fantasy; Escorts play a role and fulfil clients’ sexual fantasies and desires. 

Respect above all – Remember that as a customer, you are only paying for the time and company of these women and nothing more! The man does not own anyone; they do not belong to you, so treat them with as much respect as possible because above all, they have feelings like anyone else. 

Negotiations – Being with a luxury escort is not possible for all portfolios, and therefore they are luxury, so do not even try to haggle. When you contacted the escort, you already knew its value and what you had to spend, so do not even try, because in your job you certainly do not make discounts to anyone soon understand that they also do not. 

Refunds – It is not a sector in which there are refunds, the service will have to pay no matter if, in the end, it achieved what it wanted or not. Women cannot control every man’s body, taking into account that many of them have problems such as erectile dysfunction. No luxury escort manages to hold his client’s body; he can reach an orgasm as well as not, he can achieve an erection or not, all of these situations depend on several variables, however, indeed the companion’s performance is not one of them. Be aware that you shouldn’t even ask for refunds and if you do, it could go very badly!

“Tassels" – During a relationship do not try to ask for anything more than what you paid. In addition to being a tremendous lack of respect for the companion, if she is accompanied by a security guard believe that it can come to be very bad. There are situations in which, during the session, The escort itself offers some extras or presents alternatives to the service that has already done, but only then should there be negotiations; Never ask for anything! 

Personal hygiene – There is nothing worse than a smelly man with a lack of personal hygiene. This can apply to any situation; At the beginning of a session it will be common for the companion to ask you to bath: do not be offended it is just a matter of hygiene and common sense, there are certain things that the woman can do to you that will require total cleaning. If you are married or have a partner, it will not be a bad idea to take a shower right away, as, in addition to the danger of getting the companion’s perfume, you should clean up after the relationship.

 An experience – Being with a High-class escort will be a different experience, to say the least, but if for some reason she is not what you were expecting, she is not the same person that was in the ad, so don’t have a problem just leaving. The experience should be pleasant for the man, and of course, you are paying for a service, if you don’t like what you see, then go away. Everyone wants to have a good time, if not, “publicity" can be bad .that is not what girls want! Of course, if so and decide to leave the meeting place, always do so before making the payment. 

“Donation" – Never try to deceive a companion, you can be sure that she will confirm the payment; Do not suggest that she confirm the amount later, as this will be a reason for distrust.

Information – Being with a luxury escort may be too much for the hearts of certain men, for example, men over 65, these women do not want anyone to die in their arms, although it is not a wrong way to leave! Always inform the companion If you are taking any medication. The companion so that she knows what you are dealing with. For example, there are certain medications that cannot be mixed with alcohol, or the fact that you take viagra can have implications such as an erection without ejaculation or the fact that there is an erection for too long.

Be and behave like a gentleman – With a luxury escort, will not be an excuse to act like a sucker, it has already mentioned that you should always respect women. Nothing gives you the right to be rude, other than moreover if it is, there is a severe risk that the meeting will end at the same moment. Of course, the whole meeting has as its main focus the man, and all the attention will be on you, but always be well-mannered and respectful, believe that you can only gain from it. It should not be necessary to mention, but there are certain men who tend to forget that they cannot raise a hand to a woman, whether she is a companion or not, of course, if the role to be played is based on a BDSM or Bondage meeting there the situation will be completely different. But before starting any session, always define with your companion everything you can or cannot do, so there will be no danger of crossing limits unnecessarily.