About 500 types of phobias are currently known . There are those who fear the dark, closed places, animals and there are even people who fear driving a vehicle, but can you have a phobia of sex? The answer might surprise you, read on for the details

So can you have a phobia of sex?
The short answer is yes. It is known as erotophobia, and it is a sexual phobia that affects both men and women; almost 5% of sexological consultations have to do with this phobia. It is understood not as a fear by itself but rather as a set of fears that can alter the development of those who suffer from it at the moment of intimacy. What are these fears? We define them below:

The fear of disappointing the partner
This fear appears when the person has high expectations with the sexual relationship, fears that they will not be able to satisfy their partner and that the act will become a fiasco taking all the responsibility. It is also related to the fear of expressing desires and fantasies to the partner at the time of the sexual encounter.

fear of nudity
Some people fear being naked in front of their partner, more out of embarrassment than shyness. There are those who even resort to darkness in order to feel moderately comfortable during sex. People who experience this fear often do so because they feel embarrassed about some part of their body or their body in general, and fear feeling rejected by their partner.

Fear of pain during sexual intercourse
This may be one of the most characteristic fears of the sex phobia, some people feel a great fear of suffering some damage in one of their most sensitive areas, or of experiencing pain during sexual intercourse. In the same way, the fear of causing pain to the partner can be experienced, which can be an impediment when it comes to being intimate.

There are also other fears related to sex that can fade your enjoyment when it comes to being with your partner, the most common are phallophobia, which is the fear of the penis, filemaphobia, which is nothing more than the fear of kisses, hafephobia , which is the fear of being touched, and finally coitophobia, which is the fear of penetrative sex or being penetrated.

Why are some people afraid of sex?
There are various circumstances that can lead a person to have a phobia of sex. Three forms of rejection of sexual relations can be recognized: permanent rejection, which has been with the person forever; refusal to have sex with a specific partner, or refusal to have sex following a traumatic event such as sexual abuse or rape.

Other reasons that are linked and why you may have a sex phobia have to do with the way you were raised. If you’ve grown up in an environment where you’ve been led to believe that sex is impure or dirty, you’ll probably grow up with this idea about sex. On the other hand, suffering from a disorder such as anxiety and depression can lead you to experience a rejection of sex.

Other factors, such as sexual dysfunction or fear of becoming pregnant, can prevent the full enjoyment of intimacy.

How can I know if I suffer from this phobia of sex?
You avoid having sexual relations: You avoid at all costs any type of sexual contact or any situation that could lead to an intimate encounter.

You generally avoid having a partner: You are mostly single and try not to start a romantic relationship with anyone.

You are intimidated by physical contact: You reject the idea of ​​being hugged, caressed and/or kissed. You may actually feel disgust or revulsion from physical contact.

You are not interested in intimacy: And when you access it, you do it to meet your partner or partner at the moment.

You are simply afraid of sex: You are afraid of having sex, regardless of your partner or whether you are in love or not, you are simply afraid of having sex.

Can you overcome the phobia of sexual intercourse?
Of course yes! Any sexual or any other type of phobia has a solution. It is important that when you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, you seek help from a specialist. The level of complexity of the symptoms you experience will be the best indicator for you to obtain a treatment that suits your needs.

Sex is a fundamental aspect in the life of any person, and it can be one of the pillars of any relationship, so it is important that you pay special attention to any of the signs that suggest that you may have a phobia of sex, so you can remove it as soon as possible.