exciting that will stimulate the chest during sex?
If you have never considered it before, this is the moment.  If the one who stimulates it is you, it is also the moment to consider it.

 Are you doing it for the other person, or for yourself?
You may say that you do it for that person and for yourself, but have you ever wondered? ¿Do you question some time? The chest is the region of the human body between the base of the neck and the shoulders to the abdomen, located in the front. So absolutely everyone has a chest. Probably when you say chest you have associated it with the boobs or breasts.

What boobs are you thinking of?

I have to tell you, everyone also has breasts, although it is very likely that your imaginary of breasts has gone to the associated ones as feminine , bulging, smooth, round, high and hard. Why? Titties .
Almost all those that are visible as feminine are the same, probably, if you ask someone, they will have the same image as you, or very similar.

And what is this due to?


A hypersexualization of the breast associated as feminine . We see them in the vast majority of films, photos, advertisements, almost always accompanying a product that has little or nothing to do with them. Is the problem teaching them? No, of course not. The most sensitive area of ​​the socialized female breasts are the nipples . Which are censored to be visible on social networks , which is not the case with those associated with men . Then we find subliminal censorship.
If you go without a bra and erect nipples stick out, these are the cause of uncomfortable looks, which can lead you to feel violent with your own body and want to hide or cover them. This is due in large part to a social belief that the only reason for erection of the nipples is arousal, which in addition to being false, and due to a multitude of factors, if this were the reason, who is looking, or It is not going, nor is it, whether you are aroused or not.
When an erect nipple is from a man without bulky breasts, absolutely none of these issues or judgments come into play . Free the Nipple is an egalitarian movement focused on double standards regarding the censorship of female breasts started by activist and filmmaker Lina Esco . 

What's going on? As I said before, the breast socialized as feminine is hypersexualized . Especially in mainstream pornography , consumed by the vast majority of male cishetero audiences . What invites you to think wrongly, that kneading them as if it were an anti-stress ball or with force, is synonymous with pleasure . Remember that most porn movies are focused on the pleasure of the heterosexual man, so having them as a reference for learning, gives rise to unrealistic expectations of sexual relationsand therefore to a discomfort for one or both parties of the relationship. And it is that not all breasts or nipples are the same, nor do they all react in the same way to different stimuli.

Absolutely all types of breasts are fine , not because they are more similar to the stereotyped ones are they more functional.

There are as many styles and tastes as types of nipples and breasts. There are those who are excited by stimulation and those who are not. Many women feel self-conscious about their breasts because they are not what they have seen , have been told , or heard that they should be . And it is what limits or censors them to explore this part of their body and discover if they like stimulation or not. Absolutely all types of breasts are fine , not because they are more similar to the stereotyped ones are they more functional.

All the sensations of the breasts, breasts, boobs, are fine . All the ways your skin can feel pleasure are fine . There is who likes to be stimulated, who does not , and who likes it in a certain way. You can have an orgasm only through the stimulation of your nipples. You are not the only one, nor are you weird because any of these things happen to you.

Share the experiences with your feminine environment and you will realize that you do not have to like it to be stimulated in the way it has been taught it should be, nor directly, it has to like it. If it is not spoken it does not exist, and your concerns or curiosities are important. And really, ask yourself if you want to be stimulated , if you do it for yourself , or for the other person . And if you are the one who likes to do it , ask the other person if they like it, or if they like it , before pressing as if there were no tomorrow, which in addition to your excitement, there is also theirs.

You can lick , caress , suck , gently stimulate , bite , pinch , squeeze , use heat effect oils or gels, waxes, edible paint. There is a great variety, as many as people, moments and tastes! It's as easy as asking, and if not, you have 2m2 of skin to investigate .

On the other hand, if seeing breasts or nipples excites you and you don't want to be, or it is uncomfortable for you to see them because of your stories, it is as simple as not looking, and not censoring who wants to do it because either you don't want to do it, or Well you speak from the privilege of deciding if you want to do it or not.