Curiosities of the Escort World!

One of the most common and lucrative services around the world, despite being largely illegal, prostitution is the option of more than 42 million women around the world. Whether out of career or desperation, many of them make a fortune or go through stories of cruelty not imagined.

Over its more than 4,000 years of existence, the profession has had its ups and downs and has changed according to the needs of professionals, clients and the political and historical scenario of each region. Respected or marginalized, prostitutes have reinvented themselves and will still reinvent themselves in the future.

With this in mind, Fatos Descobertas separated a series of curiosities about past, present and future prostitution.

Escort and Your Classes:
Although the work of prostitutes did not vary much, in the Victorian era in England, sex workers were divided into groups. In the lower classes were the young women who worked in brothels and were forced to live in terrible conditions and sleep with whomever the cafeteria forced. Middle-class women were self-employed, worked on the streets, and were able to reject clients, who they attended to in their own homes. A level higher were the high-class prostitutes. Beautiful, educated women who catered to aristocrats and members of parliament. Some worked as exclusive courtesans for a single client.

Technology for Pleasure:
Technological advance experts estimate that within a few years, a level of personalization of virtual sex workers will trigger a market boom. The technology will be integrated into brothels and realistic digital women will be able to satisfy fetishes and customer needs. According to a study by Briton Jon Millward, the client’s sensation of having a personal and emotional relationship with the prostitute surpasses that of watching porn actresses online, which will be possible with the advancement of technology.

From Sumerian times to generations dealing with robots, prostitutes serve the most diverse fetishes and clients around the world. Whether in a dirty middle-age room or a cybernetic room in Japan, the profession persists, customers support it and the curiosities of this universe will continue to surface.