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Discover 8 Sex Secrets To Giving Her

7 years ago, before I knew the truth to pleasing women sexually, my (now) ex-girlfriend Michelle used to cry from frustration every time we had sex. Although she loved me, she just couldn’t get over the fact that I didn’t match her super-horny needs as a woman.

In the beginning she only cried quietly and secretively in the bathroom. She was torn between her love for me and her instinctual lust for intense, dominating sex that made her orgasm.

But eventually Michelle started sobbing in bed straight after having sex… every single time.

It was so awkward and embarrassing, I couldn’t think of anything to say other than “I am sorry”…

I was so scared of her cheating on me because of the bad sex, I’d heard of it happening a lot and even to a few friends of mine. But we loved each other so much and our relationship was perfect in every other area. I was convinced that bad sex couldn’t ruin all that.

But I was totally naive and eventually I learned a bitter lesson:

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“A bad sex life is like a ticking bomb – it WILL destroy everything unless you defuse and stop it!”
The hardest part is you don’t know when this bomb will explode. Could be the next time you have sex, or in 2 years just when you think everything's going perfectly and that she’s the one. But believe me – it eventually will.

I remember it like yesterday. It was Sunday evening and we were at my apartment when I experienced the thing no guy ever wants to happen.

It was just after sex which ended with me cumming too quickly as usual, and her not climaxing at all – as usual, when she just couldn’t take it any longer.

After crying at the end of the bed for 5 minutes, she turned round, not even able to look me in the eyes, and said “I love you Seb, but it’s just not enough.” I will spare you the emotional details.

Michelle ended our relationship when the door closed, hoping to find another man as quickly as possible who would fill that sexual void and take her frustration away.

The thought of her having sweaty, breathless, orgasmic sex with another guy made me sick.

I was crushed, but soon after I realized the huge amount of FRUSTRATION and SUFFERING I had caused her with my lame sex techniques… that she deserved better.

But when that door closed I could hardly breath, my whole body was trembling and I couldn’t speak a word because I was so blindsided and broken.

After my girlfriend left me due to our lousy sex life, I was shit-scared to approach new women on the street or at work. I was so anxious because I knew I couldn’t deliver the kind of hair-raising sex women need and want.

Even though you know you won’t get intimate with every woman you meet, this deep-rooted anxiety seems to seep into every part of your daily life and cripples your ability to be confident and respected as a man. I realized my essence was scared and damaged.

That is the moment I swore to myself that I would NEVER EVER disappoint a woman in bed again.

In the next 6 six months I learned more about female orgasms than even the heaviest sex addicts would dream about.

Fueled by humiliation, I absorbed every sex manual, every video and scientific study about sex and orgasms – written by scientists and psychologists, not some clueless freelancer in Men’s Health or Cosmo. It wasn’t so much curiosity but a necessity; a fundamental need to restore my self-confidence.

After hundreds of hours of research, I not only found out WHY I was lousy in bed and exactly how I could make women lay trembling in ecstasy, but I also learned everything about the woman’s body. Much more than most girls know about themselves.

After half a year of painstaking studies, I knew more about sex and the female body than 99% of people – both men AND women.

How did I figure that out? Well, even though it was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done, I started having sex with women again.

And this is where things get really exciting…
After all this deep studying, women were so overwhelmed, so shocked with my new techniques even after the 1st night we met, they said nobody had ever been able to make them feel like a sex goddess willing to do anything to please me any way I wanted.

They felt connected, sexy and excited to do things they swore they would never do.

For them it seemed like they finally found a guy who understood and knew exactly what made them tick, like in those popular sex fantasy novels women read.

This is when I realized how much women LOVE having sex, many times even more than guys – but only when it’s mind-blowing, orgasmic sex like I’m about to teach you.

If you can do this for them they will never want to let you go, and then the ball is in your court to play the game as you please.

For me, everything just seemed to fall into place once I mastered sex. The more hot and sexy women I had sex with, the more orgasm techniques I developed!

It’s like the reward for having great sex with hot women was the ability to give hot women even greater sex…déjà vu – I guess.

And then my day-to-day life improved. My anxiety was gone and I became a dominant, respected man by both men and women.

That’s when I realized it wasn’t truly my fault that I sucked in bed before. The real problem was that magazines and other sources give completely wrong information about what THEY THINK women really want.

Reading article like: “5 tips for a better sex life” will not turn you into a sex god who women do anything for… I call BULLSHIT!

It’s also NOT your fault that you don’t know exactly how you can get a woman to orgasm this intensely and predictably – because you’ve been lied to your whole life about what great sex is or even looks like.

It’s actually the total opposite…
Online blogs and articles will never reveal the REALLY good tips and tricks – these orgasm techniques are so powerful that the 1/10 of a percent of men who know them don’t want you to figure it out. That would mean more competition for them, so they tell you to do the opposite.

Think about it: how often have you read step-by-step, proven tips regarding intense anal sex and skin-tingling squirting? Probably never.

The truth is, literally EVERY woman can experience a squirt orgasm and 65% of women love anal sex. But these magazines and blogs make these things seem dirty and unwanted, when in fact women crave them. I’ll show you exactly how to get them to do these things sooner than later.

And that’s only two examples…

I’m about to show you EIGHT.

As soon as you say goodbye to those lie-riddled mainstream articles along with their vanilla missionary style sex and learn the real orgasm methods, your sex life will transform so fast you won’t know what to do with all the women calling you back for more.

Just like what happened to me starting 6 years ago… but it won’t take you nearly as much time…

…it won’t even take you a week.

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Here’s a crazy story. I only truly realized that women were addicted to having sex with me when I was added by an unbelievably cute girl on Facebook.

After a little bit of small talk, this girl finally cracks and tells me she’s a friend of my CURRENT sex partner, and that her friend had gushed about me and my techniques so much that she now wanted to meet me too.

…My sex techniques were so incredible that women were literally sending their friends to me!

Sentences like: “You know my pussy better than I do!” and “Can we do it again tomorrow?” became a daily occurrence for me.

You might be asking yourself a few common questions right about now:

whats all in the program?

The full course consists of 10 modules. Each module goes about 7 to 45 minutes. I tried to condense it down to only include the most important aspects – making it easy to follow. Each female orgasm module includes demonstration clip in which I show you in detail how the technique is to be performed. This is not illustrated on a real vagina or breasts but rather on a life-like prop.

What if I change my mind
about “8-FO”?

Even though I find it highly unlikely that you won’t like the “8 time female orgasm” course, you’re covered by a complete 60-day money back guarantee. Simply write me an email and I’ll refund you every last penny, no questions asked.

Is my purchase really discreet?
What will appear on my PayPal or account statement?

Nothing will be visible in regards to your purchase. Your account statement (or PayPal account) will be completely inconspicuous. Nothing will suggest a sex course purchase and you won’t receive anything by mail. You’ll simply receive your receipt via email. There is no middle man; nothing is delivered; it’s just between you and me.
How can I watch the videos?
After successful payment, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to the videos directly in the member’s area to ensure full discretion. If you encounter any problems send me an email and I will help you straight away. Again, this is one of the main reasons its limited to 500 members so I can ensure a quick turn around on all questions.

How can I watch the videos?