What happens to your body when you don't have sex.

What you need is a good fuck . It's not a saying, but it should. Lack of  sexual activity  takes its toll on your body. You can live without having sex , this is a fact that no one will argue with you. But when it is not a decision, but a circumstance, your body knows it.
Surely you have had some stage in your life in which sexual relations were practically non-existent, a long distance relationship, incompatibility of schedules, not having a place to go, you just liked nobody, among thousands of other causes. When it is a “forced" situation, you want to, but life does not make it easy for you, it has an impact on your body.


During the first days, or the first week, the bad mood is evident , you are more irascible than usual. Sometimes this “anxiety" is replaced by eating, as is often the case with tobacco. In addition, if this abstinence is prolonged in time, the interest will lose strength. Your self-esteem may be affected , since it is a situation that you do not want to maintain and which you have to manage. There are “studies" that affirm that semen contains hormones that balance the emotions of the sexual partner
at the hormonal level. Do not believe anything. If you are a woman, and your sexual partner too, don't look for the “magic cocktail of happiness." If the semen stays in the condom, it cannot affect you in any way. Unless it refers to facial treatments. So it seems like a cheat study to encourage, of course, penetration, also without a condom. You feel more tense, more susceptible, and it is that during sexual intercourse
you produce oxytocin. This stimulating hormone is responsible for a good mood, and the one that makes your brain generate endorphins, those responsible for that feeling of well-being. This is what happens in childbirth, and with sadomasochism, situations that can generate great pleasure because when you feel pain, your body compensates for it by producing endorphins to reduce it. If the pain lasts, more hormones will be generated, producing a more pleasant orgasm. So sexual intercourse reduces stress levels , oxytocin returns to the load, making after an orgasm you spend several hours without thinking about anything other than how good you are.

Withdrawal can increase the likelihood of low desire , anorgasmia , erectile dysfunction , or premature ejaculation . And it is that as a training, you lose practice and many insecurities can come into play. If you exercise, then you sleep peacefully, and this is what happens, because when you have sex, the hormones of well-being increase (the ones I mentioned before), it makes you fall asleep with a sigh. You need to replenish energy. In addition, they increase immunoglobulin levels, strengthening your immune system, since your body reacts to the exchange of fluids. Nights of debauchery, without ibuprofen.

If you don't believe me, what are you waiting for?