Ejaculation in women: Myth or Reality?

 L to ejaculation in the woman, referring to the Squirting (in this article we will refer to ejaculation how the act of expelling liquid biologicaland not as literal female ejaculation, below we will explain the difference between female ejaculation and squirting) it is a reality but also a great unknown. Until recently it was something that was only attributed to the queens of porn but the truth is that women can ejaculate simultaneously or not to orgasm. There has also been much speculation that it was just urine, but ejaculation does not have the same appearance, smell, or chemical properties. Although we still have a lot to know about it in other cultures, female ejaculation has a great social importance, we are going to know its secrets.

What is  ejaculation?

Ejaculating is not something exclusive to men, the problem is that they have not explained what it is and how to get it, for a long time science has ignored the existence of the female prostate , the Skene glands located next to the G-spot.

But why hasn't it been given the importance it deserves?

Like the clitoris, Skene's glands do not have any reproductive function, they only give us pleasure , for this reason it was always considered secondary, it was even censored, it was not investigated until relatively recently.

By stimulating and pressing this area, squirting is produced , it is the expulsion of a transparent liquid that is not vaginal discharge or urine, whose quantity is variable (from 4 ml to 1 liter) and does not have any particular smell or taste. This liquid comes out from the urethra, with more or less force, and is usually given simultaneously to orgasm, although it can occur independently.

Female ejaculation fluid contains prostate specific antigen (PSA), which until then had only been found in men. Another of the chemical components to highlight is acid phosphatase, elements of urine are also always shared in any sexual relationship, both in men's and women's fluids, they are mixed with the remains of urine in the urethra .

The differences with semen in content are very notable, seminal fluid is very rich in zinc, fructose and albumin, elements that are not present in female fluid, which of course does not contain sperm.

Why has there been so much speculation  about its existence?

Mainly because not all women are noticed , some researchers say that the reason why some women feel ejaculation and others is not because the openings of the Skene or paraurethral glands vary in size from one woman to another .

What does this mean?

Well, theoretically all women have the possibility of ejaculating, but depending on the size of these glands, which can vary between two and five centimeters at rest, the expulsion will be more substantial and perceptible in the case of some women than in others. There are other reasons why some women say they do not ejaculate, a retrograde ejaculation may occur whereby part of the fluid that is expelled goes to the bladder and is expelled along with the urine, it could also happen that the amount of fluid that is ejaculated is so small that it is imperceptible to the woman.

At the time of ejaculation you have the feeling of wanting to urinate due to the location of the prostate , in fact some women think that they are urinating while they are having sex, during or after orgasm. The ignorance of female ejaculation reaches such an extreme that many women have felt fear or shame when sharing what was happening to them , by doing so they surely realized that they were not the only ones and luckily they are already beginning to speak openly about it.

How do we know  it is not urine?

Ejaculation fluid arises from the urethra and forms in a set of glands called the “female prostate," not the bladder. In addition, the expelled liquid is clear and transparent, although it comes out through the urethra it has nothing to do with urine, it can be easily distinguished by its appearance and smell.

Women who have experienced it say they feel a sensation very similar to wanting to urinate , this has its logic if we consider its origin, it is for this reason that in many cases it is inhibited and women do not allow it to flow. This is why women are recommended to go to the bathroom before having sex, in this way it will be easier for them to get carried away at the moment of orgasm and to achieve ejaculation .

What do you have to do  to get it?

Several factors will influence , on the one hand the biological part, that is, how developed the woman's Skene glands have as we mentioned before, on the other hand the ability to stimulate the G-spot, its stimulation will be a source of intense sexual pleasure for the woman. woman and is directly related to his ejaculation. Although the stimulation of the clitoris or the cervix can also influence it, it is undoubtedly the G-spot, an area of ​​about 5 to 8 centimeters inside the vagina, which is most involved in this process.

The female prostate is on the front wall (towards the navel, not the back) and sometimes feels a bit rougher or with a surrounding flesh-like texture. In order to stimulate this area we can use some techniques such as asking the couple to insert their fingers with a “come here” movement, making movements that stimulate this front wall, it can also work to use sex toys that are markedly angular to facilitate access to this zone.

Is orgasm with ejaculation better  ?

Not necessarily, the intensity of orgasm will vary based on different factors. The fact that ejaculation occurs or not is independent of the pleasure experienced at the time of the woman's orgasm, which will have more to do with the arousal achieved and with psychological factors.

We must not forget that sexual pleasure is not only given by orgasm or ejaculation, many times society imposes sexual goals on us for which we sometimes become obsessed and forget the most important thing, enjoy.

What porn sells us 

The image that porn leaves us about female ejaculation is a woman expelling liquid as if it were a cataract , some guys expect this from their sexual partners because it is what they have seen in the movies, but of course, this is more fiction than reality.

A search for “squirt" (or female ejaculation) on one of the largest porn sites on the Internet returns more than 110,000 results. Of course, the page reports that women are the ones who most seek this type of content.

Many porn actresses say they use tricks such as drinking a lot or using douches to fill up with water and then, by contracting the vaginal muscles, to simulate it.

What is clear is that what porn sells us we should not take as an imposition, with the false belief of failure if we do not achieve it . You can ejaculate or not, do it moderately or in large quantities, but the fundamental thing is that the woman can enjoy and let herself be carried away in each sexual experience.

Female ejaculation in other cultures: the Kunyara.

In Rwanda, female ejaculation is a matter of social importance, making the woman reach orgasm and ejaculate is paramount.

The Kunyara consists of the man stimulating the woman before vaginal intercourse, caressing her vaginal lips and the clitoris with the erection of his penis, the man must continue until the woman reaches orgasm, ejaculates or produces abundant secretions.

Rwandan women have the ability to expel significant volumes of fluid, but to achieve this they prepare from the age of 8 with the Gukuna tradition that consists of stretching their labia minora. In addition, men are trained so that women feel comfortable and achieve kunyaza , a special noise that is produced during practice. In Rwanda, marriages are sealed with the gift of a banana fiber mat (ikirago / umusambi) that they use to protect the kunyara mattresses, because many very wet nights of female orgasms are desired.

On the net you can find videos about kunyaza-kunyara, they are a mixture of pornographic videos and popular wisdom . With the help of lubricants and with the necessary training, it might be possible to carry out this practice in our culture.

Do you dare to experience it?

NOTES TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNTAlthough at the beginning of the article we indicated that female ejaculation and squirting are not the same and we want it to be very clear, we have used the term ejaculation (expulsion of biological fluid) to refer to the aforementioned practice. Squirting is the expulsion of a diluted liquid from the urinary bladder (in large quantities); while the real female ejaculation responds to the release of a whitish, thick and scant liquid whose origin is the female prostate.