¿ A Who does not like happy endings massage? What if all the way could be happy and not just the end?

The  erotic massage consists of a massage to someone else, but with the nuance pay special attention to the erogenous zones , in order to provide pleasure and thus increase your sexual arousal . Very well

And what are those erogenous zones?

We have a general idea of ​​what the other person's erogenous zones should be, but what about ours? I invite you to reflect on what your erogenous zones are. To do this, you can draw a silhouette and mark those areas where it is most pleasant for you to be stimulated / stimulated or caressed / caressed.

We all have the same erogenous zones. Noo!

We usually take for granted that everyone must have the same erogenous zones, either because they are the ones that I like and I think that everyone likes the same, or because it is what they have told me or I have seen , and I have not even stopped to reflect on what I like or what the other person likes.

Ears , neck , mouth , thighs , buttocks , breasts ... Our body is a map to discover, if we only focus on the genitals, we are leaving aside billions of sensitive areas to explore . Caresses are a fundamental part of sexuality. They generate well-being , establish bonds and are closely related to arousal. Get into adventure!

What is our personal idea about sensual massages?

We have a very limited imagination in relation to sensual massages . They are usually related or to treating physical ailments, where we go to a professional center to treat us for some health reason, or, if it is not for health, it is usually associated with the fact that the purpose will be penetration. There is no middle ground.

  • I'm going to get a massage
  • With a happy ending?

It seems immediate. It is on very few occasions that we think of having the whim of giving ourselves a massage like this, because yes, to give ourselves a treat.

There are different types of massages, and one of them is erotic massage. This combines the pleasure of a conventional massage , without the purpose of treating any physical ailment, and also with erotic content . Which makes this so much more enjoyable. We must bear in mind that erotic massage does not in itself imply that there is penetration, as its name says, it is erotic and erotic, as you know, is very broad. It is important to know how to differentiate between massages since the erotic connotation has to be born by the people explicitly involved, since if it is not the place, it is not the purpose, you do not feel like it and above all, it has not been consensual, it changes completely and absolutely its meaning, so that if you do not enjoy doing it or receiving it, we are no longer talking about an erotic massage.

How to do a good sensual massage?

Erotic massage is closely related to the sense of touch, since it explicitly consists of caressing, squeezing, touching, holding, basically feeling . Each person has a special inclination towards some sense, there are those who are more susceptible to smells , who are very visual or who are more sensitive to sounds . Our expressions betray us, “I can't just see it” , “this doesn't smell good to me” or “I don't want to hear you” . Whether you are aware or not of what your most enhanced sense is or that of the other person, if you stimulate all of them it will be a sure hit, since it can be felt in different ways and in this way it will be a much more intense perception of the massage.

You can illuminate the space with candles to make it a soft and cozy light, put a mirror at an adequate height to enhance visual stimuli from different perspectives, put music according to the situation or select aromas that invite enjoyment . It is important to take into account small details such as having the mobile silent , that the space has a good temperature , if accessories are to be used, keep them close and change the movements when doing the massage. That it is not the same area for a long time, nor do it in the same way. Alternating in pressure, movements and zones will make it more dynamic.

In addition, you can restrict some practices such as kissing on the mouth, genital oral sex and genital stimulation either with toys or penetration. It is interesting to keep this in mind, especially if the purpose is to increase excitement since in this way you will put aside the preconceived ideas of what has to happen by focusing only on the enjoyment of the senses.

If you do not see yourself capable of doing it or you simply prefer to go to a specialized site either solx or together with your partner there are infinite places where you can do it. We are lucky to have very good places where they carry out practices of this type such as sensual massage in Barcelona .

What do I need to do it?

To give a pleasant erotic massage, above all, do not be in a hurry , the feeling of uneasiness is contagious very easily, if we are also in physical contact it is much more sensitive, as if it were a current. If we have another objective in mind and the massage is pure procedure, we are not going to give a good massage. Be patient , listen to the other person, both what he explicitly communicates to us, as well as with his body, what he transmits with his skin, with his movements and keep it very present.

And how long does it have to last?

There is no set time, whatever the people involved want . The only important thing is that there is enjoyment by both who is doing it and who is receiving it.

What if he falls asleep?

Erotic massage invites you to disconnect from day-to-day concerns and a deeper connection with sensations. If the other person falls asleep, you can wake him up by inviting him to eroticism , little by little, stimulating him, and without making him feel that it is a violent situation, naturally. Above all, do not get angry or yell . Stop Dramas.

Disconnecting from the intense daily activity and connecting with our body can be a disconnection so, so, deep, that you fall asleep or surrendered. Do not get frustrated , you have not done anything wrong, it is simply resumed little by little or left at that point, always from the enjoyment.

You can use oils , body creams , flavored lubricants , edible body paint , eye mask , stimulating incense , hot-cold gels , ice , feathers , blowing , ribbons , low-temperature candles , strings or erotic toys. Research and test what your style is, because although it is very movie-like, if for example your sense is smell, the cream is not going to be your faithful ally, since it immediately smells of death. As you will see, you can use your imagination and creativity to give your massages a personal touch.


Erotic massages have multiple benefits in the relationship since it is a moment of intimacy with another person, in which the parties involved, whether they are two or more people, have to dedicate themselves to feeling the skin and the sensations generated by the stimuli.

  • It serves for self-knowledge . Erotic massage allows you to know in an erotic key the body and the tastes of both you and the other person. Since erotic massage allows you to know the sensations in detail, so that you can use it later during other sexual practices.
  • Deciding how, when and where to do it , the type of oil or the supplements that are going to be used is one way to put communication as a couple into practice. This practice invites you to talk about it, which increases the desire to carry it out.
  • Increase arousal . In addition to promoting a moment of intimacy, a more intense connection bond is established. Performing this practice increases arousal gradually.

In this way, through an erotic massage, we can enjoy the entire encounter from beginning to end.

So why save happiness for last? Enjoy it all!