Intensity …

I think that everyone at some time in life has experienced the force of an orgasm, its intensity, its power, the pleasure that shakes you from head to toe… Yes, I think everyone has felt it.

I am a sexologist, and you can imagine that sex is my strong point, everything that has to do with that term I know, I would say that I am a sexual Aphrodite.

But even sexologists have to continue innovating and learning new things related to this ancient act.

There is always something new that surprises me, something that catches me off guard and my jaw drops when my clients tell me about their experiences. I know, you will think that how is it possible, well let me tell you yes, and in terms of the female orgasm it is that it is an unexplored universe.

It is not simply using sex toys, or fingers, or the shower head, or rubbing yourself with a cushion, no, female climax is an area that has me on edge.

For this reason, I decided to venture into a spiritual retreat, where ancestral experts from different cultures come together to help you discover all the points of intensity of your body, the way to have the most intense orgasm.

I told my patients about it, and they are eager for me to come back and teach them new things.

The retreat is almost idyllic, not to mention paradise.

There is no worldly distraction that prevents your progress or sexual education, that is, it is like being in a convent.

There were thousands of people, but each one was in a specific section, I, for example, was in divine masturbation.

They forced us to go naked, so as not to feel any complex when we are in the climax, to accept our body with perfections and imperfections.

I have to say, men were erect all day, and hey, nobody cared.

My first class consisted of telling what we like the most, how we usually masturbate.

I said that I am one of the traditional ones, using my fingers, lubricant and from time to time with the shower hose. There was each one that I was amazed, some even went to other levels such as stimulating the mind to, without actually masturbating. You could climax I obviously do not control that point yet, besides, the times that I usually masturbate I do it quickly, it is a matter of minutes.

I guess I see it as such a normal thing, that I don't even bother to experience something new.

When I told my teacher, he said to me in amazement:

– And are you a sexologist?

-Yes, with all that that entails.

He stroked his beard, that gesture was so mystical that I felt that whatever he was going to say to me was going to be wise.

-Dear, sex is not simply releasing a liquid, it is not simply caressing your hot spot and feeling a little tickle, NO, sex is the language of our body. When you practice this act, every termination awakens to life, even that disused neuron. There are thousands of ways to enjoy it, since sex for everyone is destiny, and if you do not explore the infinite facets of how to achieve pleasure, there will come a point where sex will go from being something mystical to being something ordinary.

I looked at him in amazement, that man knew what he was saying.

-I advise you tonight to explore new facets in relation to masturbation. Each room, as you have seen, has everything one might need, lubricants, oils, toys … take advantage, and explore the enigma hidden between your legs.

He almost floated away, that fixed man who was not from earth.

It happened that there was a full moon that night, it seems that the stars have come together so that I can reach a decent orgasm.

To be honest, I was ashamed, it is not the same to do it as something ordinary, than to give you a whole night to discover different ways.

Sweating, I went to light a series of candles, all of them were aphrodisiac, just like the jasmine incense I lit.

The room, to call it somehow, was open, just a four-timbered structure with white curtains that floated in the night breeze.

I swallowed nervously looking at the bed, yes, that typical aristocratic bed, surrounded by silk scarves.

I put music on, obviously this site was prepared for everything related to sex.

I began to remove my white robe, being totally naked.

He was breathing very fast, this was crazy.

I opened a bottle of wine, and sat on the bed staring out at the mysterious night.

How was it possible? I'm an experienced sexologist, I couldn't be embarrassed about masturbation.

I drank the entire bottle, and a drop of wine escaped me.

It slid slowly down my throat, until it rested on one nipple.

I swallowed nervously, gawking at the drop of wine.

He blew some air, and the curtains caressed my bare legs. My skin got goose bumps.

I took a bottle of lavender oil and poured it over it, it was like it was glowing. Between the sails and the moon, my body seemed almost disembodied.

I spread my legs letting all the oil run down to my feminine core.

I felt it swell, I closed my eyes enjoying the moisture that was being generated only with the oil.

I began to caress my nipple with the drop of wine. I sighed, felt my stomach compress. Normally, I would have gone to the topic directly, but I liked the torture he was giving to my body.

I sucked the fingers of the other hand and slid them lazily down my body until I reached the lagoon that was forming between my legs.

I ran my fingers down the sides of her clit, and a wave of cream came out, mixing with the oil.

I did the same thing again, but this time squeezing the clitoris, hard, almost with pain, but it was the most pleasant thing I ever felt.

I lay down on the bed and picked up a white feather, one of the many toys there were.

I drew several circles around each chest, then down my legs.

I felt every emotion, every touch with a new level of intensity, it was as if I had never known my body.

I felt every nerve ending, every neuron electrify.

I moaned, and even that moan seemed new to me.

I lowered the pen towards my mount venus, just a light touch, and it seemed that the orgasm was going to arrive at any moment. I felt the clitoris swell more and more.

I licked my lips, and sighed for more.

I put down the pen and picked up a completely smooth black dildo.

I soaked it well in my body oil, and in all the lube that I released and turned it on. I put the minimum speed, because I wanted to feel that torture forever.

First I placed it between my breasts, I slid it slowly, up and down.

The vibration made my nipples harder than normal, they even got bigger.

I sighed, a whole song of my body that transmitted it to the night.

When I thought it was enough, even though nothing was really enough, I popped it into my mouth.

As I sucked it, I parted my vaginal lips and stuck a finger in.

I purred like a cat.

I don't know how long it had been, but the moon was at its highest. I opened my eyes and fixed my gaze on her as she directed the dildo to my nest of pleasure.

I slid it up and down, each vibration, each glide, sent waves of pleasure through my entire body, I was shaking, and it was not because of the breeze that made.

I slid it down faster, and thrust it deep inside violently, almost desperate for release.

The orgasm came so slowly, so intense that I thought I was going to pass out with pleasure. I screamed so loud, as my body shook over and over again, scorched by the intensity, by the surf, by the Climax.