We slide down the hill to receive the tremendous national and international celebrities who at some point in their lives were strippers and who later decided to change their job, achieving their fame.

We strive to be one of the biggest surprises, but also his Spanish speaking and precisely the Spanish territory. And they are like and like, Javier Bardem was also a stripper, even for a few hours, but the Spanish actor made his debut in the night. I asked him why he was not his suyo, why both his mother and his sister decided to attend his first show to cheer him up as well as at the end of course performances. These are 100% real, not fake.

Chris Pratt has had ample opportunities of his career, getting papers on such necessary straps as Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World. In all this, we must add (know that the sabéis are) his job as a boy who hacked striptease in private parties, fulfilled and bachelorette parties, after becoming a Christian definitely devoted to deciding to leave him and focusing on performance.

Like the side, you were in the drama Brangelina (if you don’t know what we are talking about, we hope you go too far) this information will interest you. Brad Pitt was just a boy and hacked striptease for a time, part of a very exclusive dance group that performed under the name of The Dancing Bars (something like “naked dancers,” Languages ​​dear!). This group was specialized in performances at parties of naughty girls VIP. In the beginning, I started as a strippers’ choir, but little by little, I managed to introduce myself into the world of striptease by joining The Dancing Bars.

The girls also had their hole and are the names in concrete that hold me, Lady Gaga and Cardi B.

The reign of Bad Romance has stated that I worked for a time as a stripper in several nightclubs in the city of New York and that the music I chose was inside rock ‘n’ roll like Black Sabbath, Guns N’ Roses and Faith No More.

And lastly, a rap star who has always defended his past as a stripper and who makes a splash when he has an occasion. Cardi B broke all records within his musical style, supporting himself in his endowments as a stripper both in the making of his video clips and in his shows.

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