Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate and live. The technology sector is one of the most evolving and with it our way of life.

Of the many changes that technology has brought us, the way we communicate and relate to each other presents a very different scenario compared to 10 years ago. Even more so if we talk about the increase in dating sites in Spain

The virtual world exceeds reality, increased interactions, immediate access to conversations, profiles and mutual wishes.

This phenomenon occurs both in large cities and in smaller spaces. If we focus on the capital, it is very possible that a huge number of people are looking for a contact website for dating in Madrid right now , or that they are simply looking to increase their social circle. In any case, dating web sites make it possible to respond immediately to these concerns and to many others … but do they really work?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. At a global level, dating applications generate more than 1 billion euros , being a sector that is far above other more traditional ones.

But what is truly surprising is that Spain ranks as one of the countries where growth of dating sites and, consequently, their users, have increased considerably.

A recent survey has left data on the table that authoritatively certify the great demand for dating websites in Spain.

We highlight the most relevant data

More than half of Spaniards use dating sites

In all probability the most devastating data that guides this growing trend. 60% of the users surveyed affirm that they use dating websites to flirt or meet people .

Of this percentage, men seem to be the most daring and dynamic in the use of these applications. 63% of men claim to have used this type of site at least once, 50% are female.

Among those over 45 years of age the negative opinion of the use of these applications predominates in favor of face-to-face contact for this type of situation.

Internet beats real life

Almost 73% of those surveyed advocate the use of new technologies to establish contact and relationships. In addition to considering that it is a better means than coming face to face with the person.

In fact, virtual interaction is considered the first option to find a partner or friends, which represents a profound modification in the social activity of this new society.

Objective: find a partner

For the most part, Spaniards use dating sites to find their better half. 42% of respondents , a prolific majority being women, are looking for a stable partner . Men tend to balance this scale more by craving casual relationships. The search for friends is also one of the great objectives of the Spanish when using these applications.

Finally, more than 60% of users of dating sites look for the photo as an essential factor to be able to continue establishing a future conversation with their “match" . Afterwards, the profile and their tastes are the most consulted characteristics.

Dating sites have modified the behavior of Spaniards, creating users who naturally handle the advantages and benefits of “dating online".