The main aim of this sensual tantric massage or the happy end with an escort is for you to achieve firstly a mind-blowing erection, which will result in you having maximum pleasure and secondly maximum ejaculation that will make you have a happy end with an escort. The main techniques used are Pressing, Stroking, Flicking, Kissing, Tugging and Rippling. The massage is carried out entirely with you and the masseur naked; your body may feel it all the more sensitive due to the fact that you're lying next to them and can feel each touch when you stroke or rub. The arousal of your body will heighten the sensitivity of your penis and increase the orgasmic potential of your penis.
Pressing – P pressing is a technique used during most Tantric massages to push the blood flow into your penile chambers, increasing pleasure. It's often advised to begin the massage with the legs first and then work your way up to your upper back, neck and then your head. You should always massage your penis with circular movements over its whole length whilst playing with your thumb and forefinger in order to stimulate the veins and arteries that supply blood to your penis. After each stroke, you should stop the massage for around five seconds before continuing with another round of pressing. The pressure applied when pressing varies from man to man but is intense enough to bring about a massive amount of pleasure. If done correctly with constant pressure, around twice a minutes should be enough for a decent amount of ejaculation.
Stroking – The rubbing or stroking technique is used to excite your nerves and to help increase your blood flow during your massage session. Gentle and slow movements are used to stroke your clients' sensitive areas, which will provide you with great pleasure and erection improvement. In order to stimulate the prostate and testicles, the Local escort will use her tongue and gently run it along the side of your scrotum. The escort will use fingers to stimulate the genital areas, although this is usually included within a sensual tantric massage therapy session with an escort. After each stroke or when the session has come to an end, you should ask your tantric masseuse if you can continue with a free hand as this will improve blood flow and assist in achieving an even more powerful orgasm. So have a happy end with an escort near you.