Visiting an erotic shop (virtually or physically) is an experience that allows us to get away from taboos and prejudices. If there are already many myths about sexuality, establishments oriented to the sale of erotic products do not get rid of these stigmas. However, if we visit an erotic shop we can not only find lubricants, lingerie or vibrators and clitoral suckers; In fact, there is a whole variety of products for pleasure within our reach, and getting closer to it allows us to increase our sexual well-being and eliminate those barriers and taboos. In addition, toys and erotic products provide many other advantages to our lives, such as enhancing self-knowledge, improving sexual communication, or increasing the quality of sleep.

Diversity within the world of erotic toys is a fact and this is always a positive thing, since we have products that always adapt to our needs: toys for vulvas, for penises, couples, cosmetics, games … However, so much variety It can sometimes cause some confusion and not knowing what to choose ultimately leads us to not buy anything ( How do I know which product to choose? ).

Is this your case? Keep reading, because in this post we are going to analyze how we can make a good choice and give ourselves (or give away) the best erotic toys.

Different toys, same pleasure

A very relevant question that we must ask ourselves when going erotic shopping and looking for the best toy is why we are going to use the erotic product in question. Are we looking for something suitable for masturbation? To play as a couple? Stimulants? Oral sex? Anal? Etc. Answering this question allows us to filter among all the products that we can find in the store and focus on the options that are presented to us, in order to choose the best alternative. When it comes to finding an erotic toy or product that is oriented to our needs, it is highly recommended to have the opinion of an expert personto advise the purchase. To do this, it is advisable to buy in stores that offer the appropriate guidance and advice through professionals with training in the sector. And you can also use this type of post to clarify your doubts.

The quality of the erotic toy is not strictly associated with the type of stimulation it provides or with the size and functionality. That is, we can find large double-stimulated vibrators that do not provide the satisfaction we seek, or that spoil quickly, and small vibrating balls that far exceed our expectations and that become an eternal staple in our drawer. That is why it is important to broaden the focus and eliminate biases about certain products. There are many very good quality options that go unnoticed.

Unknown products Did you know about them?

A good example of products that go unnoticed are toys designed to stimulate the penis. Without going any further, masturbating eggs , although they are simple, discreet and inexpensive , are a very good option to unleash pleasure, individually or as a couple. Another type of product with great potential but at the same time simple are the stimulating and orgasm-enhancing gels . Suitable for penises and vulvas, they are products aimed at enhancing pleasure and increasing sensations during masturbation or sex as a couple.


Cheap is expensive … Or not

Although investing in sexual health and well-being is always recommended, it is also true that within the wide range of erotic products on the market there are elements that more than meet the 3 B's: good, beautiful and cheap (and, in addition, pleasant) . These products are usually small and simple, characteristics that are usually related to impractical or simple . Nothing is further from reality. In this way, we can find very inexpensive clitoral stimulators and massagers that perfectly fulfill the function of pleasure. Acquiring a massager of this type can be a good decision if, in addition to being economical, you are looking for something discreet and silent.

And if in addition to discretion we are looking for a toy with vibration, a good option to consider is the vibrating egg or the vibrating bullet. Small toys but with potential, they are products that allow both couple play and individual stimulation.

Since there are products for all tastes, moments and pockets, it is worth investigating and seeing what erotic stores offer us. If you want to try a new erotic toy or product, do not hesitate to search, ask and, above all, experiment.

and remember!! 

To enjoy!