Meeting a Russian woman or an escort is never easy for Western men. Russian girls are so reserved that they hardly ever talk to strangers unless they come to your aid or rescue you from a predicament. They can be pretty mischievous in the sack, but their true colours will come out when they are face to face.
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A Russian woman can be your perfect girlfriend for a while if you understand her personality traits and preferences, and if you do not try to change those traits once you have fallen head over heels in love with her. Though it is not a difficult task to get a Russian woman interested in you, it does require some effort on your part.
When you are dating a Russian girl, it is a must that you try not to be too pushy. This may drive your Russian girlfriend away because she may feel threatened by your continual pestering. A lot of women are intimidated by men who are constantly harassing them to date, and if you try to go the same route, then she may shun you forever. In order to win your Russian girlfriend's heart, you need to slow down a bit and make sure that you do not pressure her into anything. If you want to start dating a Russian girl, you need to take the bull by the horns and let things naturally take their course because if you try to force something, then the outcome will be disastrous.
To start dating a Russian woman or a Russian escort, you must remember that Russian women usually are submissive. Therefore, you should never try to force anything, no matter how much you may want her to love you. If a Russian girl rejects your advances, you must not react aggressively to it because that will make her feel threatened and paranoid. It is advisable to follow the same approach when it comes to starting a relationship with a Russian woman.