Israel decides to fine those who hire prostitutes

The measure only penalizes clients and not people who practice prostitution; government has closed the circle against the practice

Paid sex became a crime in Israel. As of today, anyone who hires prostitutes in the country Homemay be fined up to 75,3000 shekels, the equivalent of 17,000 pounds. The measure was taken after the entry into force of a law approved by the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, in early 2019.

Under the law, the initial fine for a person caught soliciting sex in exchange for payment is 2,000 shekels (£460). Repeat offenders within a three-year period will have to pay double 4,000 shekhels (£920). Those who repeat the crime more than once can be prosecuted in criminal proceedings and pay a fine of up to 75,3000 shekels (£17,000).
Until the first recidivism, the sentences will be carried out by the police officers who detain the criminals.

Sex workers, however, will not be penalized if they are caught by the authorities. In recent years, Israel has been trying to shut down the sex market by attacking the client and profit-making side of sexual exploitation. Whorehouses were banned in 2018. A year later it was time to close strip clubs that offered “lap dance” services.