Famous prostitutes

There are many famous prostitutes globally, some that are well known to their people, some are well known to the public or maybe a local escort, but they are all famous nonetheless. Some of these famous companion have made their living from being renowned prostitute. Some of them are famous because they were famous when they were in the sex industry, and others became famous by becoming something more. For example, Holly Marteen was a favourite French mistress before being famous for being a renowned French mistress, but she became famous by being one.

 One of the most famous American women who had an unfortunate ending was Mae West. Mae West was recognized for her life of crime and her tragic end as a renowned singer, actress, and dancer.

The best known of all famous prostitutes is called Patti Johnson. Patti Johnson started as a street girl working for a prostitution ring, and she ended up being one of the biggest celebrities in the world, running a brothel out of her mansion. Her brothel is still operating today, and she receives hundreds of visitors every year. The business, and the money that the industry brings in, have made many women very wealthy.

As is true with most of the information on the Internet, much of the sex industry remains secretive.

However, if you are curious about prostitutions history, the best place to start is the museum of prostitution review, Red Light Secrets. Quirky museum offering exhibits on the history of Amsterdam’s sex-work industry much more.