Usually, when we think of vibrators, we soon connect to female pleasure. However, know that more and more, there are specific vibrators on the market for male pleasure. Unlike women, male vibrators do not need to be penis-shaped. It is an advantage, as this prevents some men from being afraid to use them during sex. And, in addition to being a product that increases sex by stimulating orgasm, the male vibrator can help men who suffer from premature ejaculation.

Types of male vibrators 

Depending on what you want, there are different types of vibrators available on the market. There are vibrators for stimulation of the man's G-spot, the prostate, the cock rings that are the most common and vibrating masturbators that cover the penis. 

Cock ring 

This erotic toy is the best known and used by men, as it can be used in sex between the couple. The ring is placed at the base of the penis when it is already erect. In this way, it concentrates a greater amount of blood in the penis, helping to keep the erection firmer and prolonging the time of sexual intercourse. 

The toy's vibrations increase male pleasure during use. Cock rings are available in various shapes, materials and sizes, and some even include the vibrator function. 

Vibrators for G-spot stimulation. 

This type of male vibrator, due to its appearance, still suffers a little prejudice. Some heterosexual men are afraid of being misinterpreted when using this type of product due to its penis-like shape. These vibrators for male G-spot stimulation have an elongated shape with a curve at one end, which allows them to reach the prostate. They can be a great source of male pleasure, as the prostate is one of the most undervalued sources of the male pleasure. It also has the advantage that they can be used solo or by the couple. In this case, the partner introduces the vibrator to the anus of the partner. 

Masturbators Male 

Masturbators can simulate anal, oral or vaginal sex. The models range from a simple “egg" to more sophisticated devices.

The “eggs” are the most popular masturbators. These are called “Tenga eggs”, which became known for being manufactured by the Japanese erotic toys brand “Tenga”.

It is an egg-shaped accessory that provides a realistic feeling, as it is made of a type of silicone very similar to the inside of a vagina.

There are also vagina, anus and mouth shaped masturbators that perfectly mimic the anatomy, with large and small lips, clitoris, anus and pubic hair for those who like it. The penis is inserted into the toy, and the man makes the movements.

And there are also masturbators in which there is no need to make movements, introduce the penis, as is the case with the oral sex simulator. This simulator has a tongue that rotates in different ways and speeds, simulating oral sex.

In addition to these, there are the already known inflatable dolls that have several holes to introduce the penis.

When using any of these masturbators, it is essential to use a lubricant not to hurt the penis, but also to facilitate sliding and get a more real feeling.

Using male erotic toys helps to get to know the body better, explore new ways of having pleasure and provide unforgettable orgasms. Also, for those who suffer from premature ejaculation, the use of these toys will help to maintain the erection for longer.

If you enjoyed getting to know some male erotic toys, share them with your friends and allow them also to enjoy the benefits of sex toys and if you need some help what not contact an escort for extra fun.