Music has accompanied humanity practically since our beginnings. It has a great ability to connect with other emotions and the way of feeling and experiencing certain unique and special moments.

We are delighted to use it as a means of expression, as an individual (singing, dancing,…) as a companion. And what other way to communicate and express ourselves with us throughout our life? The sexuality. For this reason, both can connect in a very intimate way and their combination can become very exciting and intense, making the experience unforgettable.

There are many studies that relate sexuality to music and not to be extrañar. Many songs have your inspiration in fantasies, sexual encounters, loves, etc. Let's say that eroticism is the muse of many compositions, but at the same time, many songs can inspire us to carry out our sexual encounters, let's say that it could be a bidirectional relationship.

Music during our sexual practices can be an ideal resource for synchronizing the couple during a meeting and getting a more fluid and exciting connection.

He held a small survey on several networks, and the one that stands out the most among the people who have participated, is the importance that he dance at the same pace while combining music with erotic meetings. The great majority of people who use this resource will accompany their actions and movements with the rhythm of the music. Knowing this, it can be an ideal resource for synchronizing the pairs during the meeting and achieving a more fluid and exciting connection. So if you need to synchronize on occasions with you, you can try listening to music together while enjoying yourself.

Another thing to note is that while we listen to music, we dare to experience a lot more during a sexual encounter. There are people who have mentioned that change and feel different on these occasions, so they are more open to exploring other ways of giving and receiving a placer. We want to transform music in some way, losing this limiting verbiage and enjoying our relationships in a different way.

But on the whole there is why it should be in pairs. We can also enjoy it with our friends, in privacy. It is ideal for self-exploring, wanting and enjoying ourselves in a different way than usual, creating a unique environment.

We can seduce ourselves dancing slowly in front of a mirror at a slow pace with smooth movements and fully appreciate ourselves while we recognize ourselves in other facets that we can overlook or ignore that we have them.

Music can be our ally in the game of seduction. Besides dancing for our guests, we can also dance for another person in a sensual way, increasing the desire and excitement of the participants.

But not all have been positive comments on the survey. Some people have indicated to me that they became distracted if they had music during their meetings.

I'm sure you can live and enjoy the moment if we don't attend to what we're listening to. If you are canciones (with lyrics), we may pay too much attention to what this one says. It would be nice to try out instrumental music to see if you follow no. If even then, we continue to distract ourselves, and we will have to do without it in order to fully enjoy our erotic encounter; You can listen to the music in another moment and with another fin.