OnlyFans is a social network that was born in 2016 in London. 

But it was only in 2020, at the height of the pandemic, that the platform was successful, attracting even famous people. It works as a subscription club and is well known for its adult and uncensored content. But do you really know what OnlyFans is and how the social network works?

Understand in the article below what OnlyFans is and how to make money with the platform. Come on?

OnlyFans: what is it?

Simply put, OnlyFans is a social network that allows content creators to charge a monthly subscription to follow them. After paying the subscription fee, the user has access to the creator’s exclusive content.

The platform became very popular and grew by more than 600% after the start of the pandemic. It currently has more than 150 million users and 5 million registered content creators. Incidentally, Onlyfans is extremely popular among adult content creators. However, it is possible to make money in other industries.

How does OnlyFans work?

OnlyFans is a premium social network that works on a subscription system. Followers must pay a monthly fee to access content they like. Content creators keep 80% of the profits, and the remaining 20% ​​goes to the platform. 

When registering on the platform, there are two types of profiles:

  • Simple User – profile of a person who only wants to watch content without sharing photos, videos or anything related to their privacy, but rather pay to see other people;
  • Content Creator – for anyone intent on sharing photos and videos in order to earn money.

When simple registration is done, you need to subscribe to monthly plans for the profiles you want to follow and consume the content. It is worth remembering that the subscription is per profile and not for the entire platform. For example, if you subscribe to see Anitta’s content, you will only see what she posts. If you want to see Cardi B’s posts, for example, you’ll have to sign up for a second subscription to follow the singer. 

What value of OnlyFans?

Both registrations are free, but in order to have access to the posted content, subscriptions are required. Remembering that some personalities may also offer a free trial period to access their content. 

Subscriptions range from $4.99 to $50 and the content creator decides the value. According to OnlyFans since the platform’s inception, $5 billion has already been paid out to creators. In the case of content creators, they pay 20% of their income to the platform. When subscriptions are made, the amount transferred is 80% of what the subscriber paid. 

How to register on OnlyFans?

Signing up to OnlyFans is a simple procedure that only requires a few steps:

  1. Access the OnlyFans website and choose whether to register with your email, Twitter or Google account;
  2. A tab will open where you must choose a password and username. Then click on “Register”;
  3. Choose your profile picture, page cover and information that will be presented to your followers. Complete your profile as you wish;
  4. Click on the link sent in your email and confirm the account;
  5. Go to “Profile” and define whether you will be a simple user or a content creator
  6. If you are going to use the simple account, go to “Add card” to be able to pay for your subscriptions. If you are going to create content, go to “Add bank” to receive your payments;
  7. Then, submit the documents to validate the account and set the subscription prices for your account. 

How to use OnlyFans to make money?

The main way to make money on OnlyFans is by producing content to attract more subscribers. The more subscribers, the greater your earnings. In addition, when there are many people interested in your content, it is possible to increase the value of the subscription and thus have greater income. 

Another way to earn money is with private messages ( Pay Per View ), which allow you to share exclusive content through messages with your fans who are willing to pay for it. Here, prices are usually higher. Therefore, a tip is to separate the best content for these super fans willing to pay more to buy their private media.

How to get paid?

To receive payments from OnlyFans, you can add a debit card or bank account for international transfer. Please note that payments are made in US Dollars (USD) only. 

Therefore, you can use Remessa Online , which has fair rates and up to 8x cheaper than traditional banks. Make your free registration and put your Remessa Online bank details in your OnlyFans account. After receiving the money, simply send it to the bank account of your choice. See here how to receive dollars from abroad . 

What kind of content to make on OnlyFans?

Now that you know what OnlyFans is, you need to know what kind of content to put on the platform to make money. 

The truth is that adult and sensual content is the main focus of those who enter the platform these days because there is no restrictive content policy that prevents users from sharing their semi-nude, fully nude or even sexually explicit photos or videos. 

However, this is not the only content available, and content creators can publish on any topic and charge for access. In fact, on the website itself says that it is ideal for those who make tutorials, tips or even photos and want to receive for it. 

Many people join OnlyFans to expose more sensuality and charge for it, practices that are prohibited on other social networks, but without showing anything explicit. This is the case of celebrities like Anitta, Rita Cadillac, Cardi B and even Chris Brown. Many celebrities are already on OnlyFans and post sexy photos and videos, but without full nudity or explicit sexual content. 

Furthermore, it is possible to create an Onlyfans account in several areas such as:

  • Fitness;
  • Cosplay;
  • Fashion;
  • Trips;
  • Tutorials;
  • Beauty and personal care;
  • video games;
  • Adult content;
  • Revenues;
  • Humor;
  • Vlogs. 

So, you can post whatever content you prefer, as long as your audience is willing to pay to watch it. 

If you also want to make money on the internet, here are tips for 7 free courses for content creators . 

In short

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a social network where content creators can charge a monthly subscription for their followers to access their publications. Despite being known for having adult content, that’s not the only goal. How much does OnlyFans cost?

The registration is free, but to have access to the contents, it is necessary to subscribe to profiles that can vary between U$ 4.99 to U$ 50. By the way, content creators also pay nothing to use, but 20% of each subscription stays with the platform. How to make OnlyFans?

The registration must be done on the OnlyFans website and the user must choose between a common profile or as a content creator.