Pleasure at the Best Age

A Journey to the Ocean Within: About Pleasure at the Best Age

She wakes up, opens her eyes and gets up. As on most of his mornings his movements are thoughtless, almost mechanical. Your hands prepare the coffee and bread. Water the plants. Collect the clothes. Soak the beans for lunch.

Eighty-three years of life. Eighty-three solar cycles. Eighty-three springs, summers, autumns and winters lived in the same skin, in the same flesh. Eighty-three times three hundred and sixty-five days inhabiting the same body.

At 83 it may seem like there is nothing more to discover about you. But that day she looks for her purse, gathers her keys, wallet, cell phone, three coconut candies.

Get out of the house, get an Uber. For the first time in a long time, he doesn't anticipate what awaits him at his destination.

He gets out of the car and enters a large but discreet house, which in the end has a large garden. Acerola, papaya, jabuticaba, peregum, heliconia, laurel, many more. Recognize them all.

A young woman lovingly approaches you: are you ready, muse?

Go upstairs. Note the smell. Sweet orange.

Low light invites your body to relax. Lie down naked. Fingertips lightly travel the length of your body, from toes to head.

Her skin tingles, her flesh vibrates, her temperature rises, her mouth salivates, her breathing quickens, and she gives up all control.

When you least expect it, dive. Submerges, floods. Give in to pleasure. Her closed eyes roam the immensity of a hitherto unknown sea and find the horizon within her, far away. 

She discovered an ocean. She discovered herself an ocean.

Absorbed by the enjoyment, your flesh and your soul rest on the soaked cloth, integrating the experience. His presence is all there. Your life, your existence, your body, your movements, nothing is mechanical anymore.

She opens her eyes. Get up, wash, get dressed.

His warm and still trembling hands seek the girl's hands, his eyes meet hers, and his mouth of eighty-three years of confabular wisdom: how lucky for me not to die without navigating these seas.

That day, he pioneered the ocean within.

Forgot to have lunch.

She was fed on the pleasure of herself.