Porn and education 

“Porn has a lot to teach us about consent and society in general."

So begins Shaina Joy's chapter on pornography in her book “The Sexiest Word Is Yes . According to recent studies, around the age of eight , pornography begins to be consumed , without sexual education to support it, inevitably generates an impact on the beliefs about the sexuality of that person that are in full swing.

Shaina Joy Machlus
His first work is a pioneering guide to eradicate the culture of rape,  which  joins the new wave of global feminism. Shaina Joy Machlus  (New Jersey) is a writer, journalist, translator, English teacher at Elisava (Barcelona) and a graduate in biology and health sciences.

If, in addition, to this we add the audiovisual content that is consumed daily, such as television programs , video games , song lyrics , music videos or sexist advertisements among many others, it leads us to question what is most It really has an impact when it comes to integrating what a relationship should be like, whether it is pornography or day-to-day life.Do you watch porn regularly?Yes and I love it No, I do not like I only watch alternative pornResults Vote

In the movies it seems that you have to decide between passion or consent, where the passion of the moment usually wins. Heterosexual relationships where the man refuses to take no for an answer and chases him to the airport, or wherever it takes to “get" him.

Scenes where the initiation of a possible sexual relationship is seen from a very different perspective, with men who seem to have to convince women and women “hold on" as getting to have sex was a reward for them and not for themselves. So is it about free porn or our day to day?

To blame pornography is to ignore a social problem of which we are part and put it to an entity. If we do not assume our responsibility, nothing will change


Pornography has been stigmatized by positioning it as if it were the enemy to be fought, as if amateur porn were the origin of the culture of rape. What is often difficult to assume is that making pornography guilty is to ignore a social problem of which we are part and put it to an entity. If we do not assume our responsibility, nothing will change, and even if porn did not exist, the culture of rape would continue to be maintained.

The porn continues to be one our reflection society , shows sex where power relations of patriarchy we see absolutely most films regardless of gender, in advertisements, in magazines and in countless places are perpetuated. With most video games, sports, music and other images directed at men, almost all reinforce the idea that it is the man who has to be strong and manly and women exist for their use and abuse.

Free porn has not invented this oppression, it reflects it. Scary, but like it or not, the subliminal message of rape culture is all over the media.


The hypothesis to be demonstrated was that the more violent scenes a person sees or the closer they have to violence in their day-to-day lives, their level of violence is higher, making it more difficult for them to identify a situation of violence .

In order to demonstrate the influence of education on how it affects us in relation to our beliefs, psychologists Edward Donnerstein , Daniel Linz and Steven Penrod , conducted a study for their book " The matter of pornography" , in which fifty-fifty participated. two cis men (That person who, having a Gender Identity, their expression corresponds to what society understands that would be the way of expressing themselves at a social level with that Gender Identity.) who had to watch a different violent movie every day for five days.

In order to assess the men's capacity in the desensitization process, they had to report on the changes they were noticing in what they had initially described as violent. During these five days of experiment, the cis men evaluated considered that the women who were attacked or raped in the scenes of the movies were less affected than the cis men of the other control group thought.
After only five days, their perception changed, and they considered that the violent material that they had described as aggressive in the beginning, was now less so . Five videos and five days.  


This leads us to the conclusion that this process of familiarity , of desensitization is tremendous and dangerously fast . This occurs in our society, whether through pornography, amateur porn or in any implicit or explicit way through which we integrate violence against women.

The porn industry is not going away. The point is not whether pornography yes, or pornography no. But if porn is to be consumed through the screen, it must be in a responsible way

And it is that the porn industry is not going to disappear , neither by those who consume it nor by those who work in it. The point is not whether pornography yes, or pornography no. Rather, if porn is to be consumed through the screen, it must be in a responsible way , being aware that it is a fictional film and not as a role model.

Teach and learn to differentiate entr and reality and fiction.


The term porn (in its abbreviated form) refers to material that represents sexual acts or erotic acts in order to provoke the sexual arousal of the recipient. Pornographic cinema has developed since the 70s to become the most typical erotic genre. Sometimes “pornography" is understood as “pornographic cinema", although erotic literature and art have by no means disappeared (see history of erotic representations). Pornography manifests itself through animation, cinema, sculpture, photography, comics, literature or painting, and has achieved a great boom in the media, such as pornographic magazines and even telephone sex and the Internet. The most used at the moment

Is porn bad?

If we take it as fiction, of course not. There is also a study by scientist Simon Louis Lajeunesse who defends that viewing pornography is not harmful to the mental and physical health of the viewer.