Prefer a companion to a normal woman

If you think you have seen and heard everything, then it is because you have lived for many years. After all, every day, I am always learning new things! As such, I am going to talk to you about a subject that I find very interesting, the fact that a man prefers an escort over a “normal" woman. 

What makes a man choose a companion? 

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the female mind is indeed extraordinary, and when we are younger, one of the things we need is to impress our friends. It does not matter if we are dating for ugly but rich men, who offer us material goods that make us look good in front of other people! The worst is when they discover that they are used and that for that they can prefer a companion because at least with them everything is real! 

Company for a specific price – When a man decides to be with an escort, he will have to pay a certain amount for his time and his company (of course). The whole immersive experience will be everything he desires, and it will not be necessary to be with “soft talk" to be able to be with this woman; Many men have neither the time nor the patience to be with seduction games with women, they want to enjoy the moment, and the company and that is why they prefer to be with high-class escorts

Accompanying a man – Preferring a luxury escort to the company of a “normal" woman will be more than understanding when the man has a position that occupies him for too long; The man does not have time to court the woman (as mentioned above), but there is something that has not yet said, the man will have his tastes and interests whether or not they are of a sexual nature, and as such find someone who o managing to satisfy that level will be complicated by the lack of time; So he searches through an agency or escort and dating sites to be able to find what he is looking for and what he wants; 

Fear of Rejection – Any man or woman is afraid of being rejected, but of course, there are men with specific characteristics who may be more susceptible to this. Hence, they prefer to be with a luxury escort. Love and like – Some men do not believe in love and companionship that a relationship can offer them and want the company of a woman for a few hours and after that, they go on with their life.

Freedom – This will probably be one of the most vital reasons why a man would prefer a companion. The fact that they do what they want and do not have to explain their life to anyone may be a fact for the preference of this type of company! Realize their fantasies without much trouble

Shared interests – Some men have never met a woman whose interests are the same, and have no patience to look for it, so they hire the services of some companion who is willing to be with them and who talks about the same subjects!