With this quarantine, many of us are hooked on online training, direct on social networks … and there is a theme that is constantly repeated, very well brought, I think, and it is Mindfulness , for that of helping us control the burden and stress that It can take us so many days of confinement and to connect with our essence, although, in these moments and this chaos, we still find a Tasmanian Devil mode essence.

Thinking about it, that sometimes I do it, and as a practitioner of this discipline it has occurred to me to tell you about its application in our sexual life , which not only has it, logically, but also exponentially enriches it , and has a name , for what is not named does not exist: MindfulSex or Sexfulness .


For those who are not familiar with this concept, hey, we do not have to know everything, Mindfulness is a discipline in which we try to develop the capacity of mindfulness  in what we are doing in the here and now.

Thus, taken to the sexual field, we would immerse ourselves in an ocean of sensations, emotions, enjoying the five senses, soaking up everything, leaving expectations, judgments and “must's" out of this experience, listening to our body and vibrating with the other if is that it is we are accompanied.

The   Mindfulness is a discipline in which we try to develop the capacity of mindfulness  in what we are doing in the here and now.


The practice of mindfulness , if we do it well, and that requires learning and perseverance, helps us to achieve amore intense pleasure and memorable orgasms , although, with the trip that promises us, it is not the orgasm that most catches my attention. Remember, it not only requires learning pleasure, sensations and senses, but this continuous practice also facilitates that learning.

Would you like a little example? Well, here I leave it:

  • Prepare a space, quiet and without distractions , although right now it is as far as possible, because as long as you have babies running around the house …
  • We sit comfortably closing our eyes , which we will open later and begin breathing in a relaxed and fluid way
  • We open our eyes, we explore our body or that of the other person if we are in a couple, scrutinizing each fold, each parrot, the skin tone and being aware of what those images make us feel, tenderness, the desire to lick or bite, heat … It is a sensory journey, the fun of this practice is to stimulate all the senses.
  • Touch: we lightly caress that skin, paying attention to its softness, roughness, temperature, humidity …
  • We move on to smell: Bring the nose closer to a certain area, for example, the one that has caused the most sensations or emotions in the previous part. Concentrate on the smell, the nuances … try to identify the smell and what it reminds you of while perceiving the reactions in your own body.
  • Sniffing brings us to ease: We stick our tongues out and lightly lick that skin for a few moments. What does it taste like? How is its texture? Temperature? … What does it cause us? …


What makes us feel? We can go further, from less to more in intensity, from kisses and gentle licks to wild bites. But always trying to focus on the sensations and emotions.

  • The ear has probably been with us all along. If we have been aware of the whisper of breath or the slight gasp and / or grunt. What wakes us up? What makes us feel? …

The practice of mindfulness, if we do it well, and that requires learning and perseverance, helps us achieve more intense pleasure and memorable orgasms

From here we can do several things:

  • Unleash our desire , if we are beginners, because we have done very well and we want to try a Mindfulness fuck .
  • Stop and close your eyes for a few seconds allowing yourself to be intoxicated by the sensations and emotions experienced.
  • Send this story to the club and to something else butterfly .

Finally, I just want to remind you that sexuality is in our brains. So we have the capacity to improve it, and, hey, by trying we don't lose anything either, not even time, which right now we have plenty of!

What is sexual Mindfulness or Sexfulness?


Sexfulness could be defined as the technique that enables us to develop the ability to focus all our attention, through the senses, on our sensations, emotions and those of the people who participate in our experience.