The industry of erotic toys for women and female pleasure is experiencing a boom time. In fact, the study published by Technavio on female sex toys predicts a growth of 11% each year until it reaches an increase of 6,180 million euros in 2024. The Satisfyer clitoral sucker is one of those responsible for this great success, since , despite its short history, accumulates more than 6.5 million entries on Google, which gives an idea of ​​the volume of sales it reaches.

The figures that are currently handled in relation to female sex toys , both in Google searches and in billing levels and interest among consumers, were unthinkable just a few years ago. A decade ago, speaking publicly about female sexuality, much less about sex toys, was an exception. However, in 2016, with the market launch of the Satisfyer clitoral stimulator, it became the topic of conversation at any gathering, not only with friends, but even at family meals. And it is that the Satisfyer even sneaked into the Christmas dinner talks, in which several generations meet.


Talking openly about female pleasure and sex toys that help achieve female orgasm , which you can get in your trusted online sex shop , is today a reality. These issues not only represent a novelty, but also signify important progress in changing stereotypes and claiming fairer and more equal gender relations in sexual pleasure.

However, not everyone welcomes this change, and it is that the more traditional male population sees in these devices an attack on their virility, since they feel the only ones responsible for female pleasure. However, the good news is that this percentage of citizens is getting smaller and smaller.

Every day more couples introduce toys into their sexual practices to invigorate intimate relationships and not fall into boredom. The reality is that dildos (wrongly called but known in this way) , vibrators or clitoris suckers like the satisfyer have saved many marriages. Now, this firm is once again on everyone's lips thanks to Satisfyer Connect, the application to control everything about this object from a distance .


The Satisfyer has established itself as a sexual revolution , a device that has broken down barriers and has discovered a new world on the sexual level for many women. Without a doubt, it is one of the most important technological devices of the last decade.

Not content with the tremendous success achieved since 2016, Satisfyer , seeking to guarantee female pleasure and advancing at the pace of the latest technologies, launched a new mobile app in September 2020 that allows you to control your devices remotely to achieve new experiences . Satisfyer Connect is the name of this official app, available for iOS and Android devices, which allows you to connect the new satisfyer models and explore new possibilities.


What can be done with Satisfyer connect?

Satisfyer Connect allows you to connect the suction device to your mobile , not only to control it directly, but also to play various patterns and rhythms , apart from those already available on the device itself. This means that it becomes an essential extra when it comes to getting the most out of the Satisfyer and exploring all its possibilities.

Orgasms to the sound of music

One of the endless possibilities offered is Music Vibes , the connection to streaming music for synchronized vibration . In this way, the Satisfyer can be enjoyed to the beat of the user's favorite Spotify playlist. Without a doubt, these melodies will reach another dimension with much more meaning in terms of the orgasms that are achieved.

Remote control

This is the most outstanding function, as it allows you to directly control the Satisfyer with your mobile, designing your own patterns and rhythms that play with the intensity and timing according to the users' preferences. These routines also offer the possibility of saving the favorite ones to enjoy them whenever you want.

The control also offers a new opportunity to enjoy sex for those couples who are separated by many kilometers. With this function, two accounts can be connected via the Internet, as long as there is explicit consent from both parties.

Once connected, control of the device is left to the couple to do as they please. Likewise, at the same time they can be used with video call applications . For this type of meeting, it is possible to create an alarm so that the device vibrates when it is time to connect and start enjoying the couple, even if it is virtually.