2020 is over and it’s time to start thinking about the new year. What can we expect from the erotic market in 2021? What will be the new products and consumer trends? If you want to know too, it’s time to find out. Those Things brings you the main expectations of the world of sex toys for this year. Maybe here is your next purchase or the impulse you need to acquire that consumption dream of yours.

The erotic market in 2021 will continue to be driven by the quarantine
The Covid-19 pandemic is a tragic reality for the world, But, as economists say, every crisis is also an opportunity. If most of the news is sad, at least in the sex shop world there is something good going on. That’s because social isolation has boosted sales in the sector. A survey carried out by MercadoErótico.org, for example, showed a 50% increase in sales of vibrators in this period. Of the total, bullet vibrators would have accounted for 60%.

The high should continue for now. First, because the erotic market in 2021 will still live with quarantine. It is important to remember that the pandemic is not over. Second, because data show that whoever buys one erotic product is more likely to buy another. In other words, all these new customers are a base of great potential.

Another darling of the quarantine: the remote vibrators
A specific product type was obviously boosted more than usual in quarantine. We are talking about interactive vibrators. That is, those that can be controlled from a distance. These products were already on the rise after the explosion of webcam sex shows on sites such as Chaturbate and OnlyFans. With quarantine, they gained a new audience: couples separated by the pandemic. Of course, they are not a substitute for sex, but in a situation of distancing any help is welcome.

Of course, the same level of growth of these products in the erotic market is not expected in 2021. The tendency is for this curve to be a bit flat, to use terms familiar at the time. But still, there must be growth. Both because the distance is still in force and because of the popularization of the product. A lot of people discovered the value of these vibrators in 2020, so recommendations should follow.

Clitoris suckers are also on the rise, even more than in 2020
Who also drew attention in 2020 and should continue to grow are the clitoris suckers. Exploded last year, especially after being mentioned by some famous, the suckers come with everything in 2021 This is because new models are coming out and they bring several advantages. For starters, some will be much cheaper, making the toy more affordable. In addition, we can expect new features such as water resistance, vibration and pressure adjustments. What was good should get even better.

But there should also be news in the erotic market in 2021
If some of the trends in the erotic market in 2021 are already on the rise, others must be new. Among them, personalized erotic products stand out. For example, a very high demand for toys that bring pictures of people is expected. The move is speculated due to some trends already observed outside Brazil.

Another good example of customization that is already making the rounds is the clone-a-willy toy, from the Goop brand, which belongs to actress Gwyneth Paltrow. The product is a kit that can be used to make a sex toy out of molds for someone’s penis. Greater customization will be hard to find.