It will not be a secret to anyone that probably the most incredible sexual fantasy of any man will be to be in bed with two women at the same time!

But although not many women admit it, this is also a popular fantasy for them, being with another woman and even with a man, we will never know for sure why but it is, in fact, something trendy!

The sexual fantasy, in this case, will be called “ménage à trois “, something that everyone has heard of even at least once in their lives. It is also common for this sexual relationship to be “made" with two men and a woman, but that will be another fantasy for another time!

The charm of being with two women!

First of all, it is necessary to clarify that, being in a sexual relationship implies the consent of all those involved, as it is more than obvious, in this case, it does not matter if everyone knows each other. If they are in a loving relationship or if they are only known for a reason for accomplishing it. Fantasy. It is necessary that everyone is in agreement and know that everyone needs the same level of affection, love, attention and respect so that no one feels left out!

Realization of a fantasy – As already mentioned, being with two women is a sexual fantasy that any man has, and if the woman wants to realize it, she must take into account that the fantasy must be acknowledged with someone unknown so that later relationship does not become complicated, or worse, do not become a love triangle!

Rules and limits – Before even thinking about having any sexual relationship, the couple should talk and discuss what can or cannot be done, especially the woman should let the man know everything that in her opinion it may or may not be confusing; There are women who don't mind being with another woman and that their sexual partner sees and is also with her, but the fact that they kiss the other woman is entirely unthinkable, so it should be well-spoken and discussed! One of the limits that must be imposed is the use of condoms, there will be no escape in that part and it should also be noted that whenever a different woman penetrates, the condom must also be changed, always without any exception, the transmission of sexual diseases is always very easy in these cases!

Sex toys – Being with two women can be very demanding for the man, as he will have to pay attention to both at the same time, basically, but to help why not insert toys and erotic games during sexual intercourse? So everyone has a good time, and there will be no one with the feeling of being put aside, of course, if it is the man to watch the two women, then I think it is safe to say that he can be set aside at will! There is nothing that a man likes more than watching two women interact on a sexual level.

STDs – Before starting your sexual relationship, everyone should undergo medical tests to find out whether or not they have any type of STDs, as they say, prevention is better than cure! Although when everyone is together, they should always use a condom, the fact that they know they are “clean" is always good!

The man – We already know that during a sexual relationship the man always needs to have a lot of energy, this when he is with only one woman, but to be with two he will need double if not triple, so, before realizing his fantasy eat well and stay well hydrated; Something that is advisable if you want to give pleasure to both women equally, is that you do not masturbate or have intercourse for at least two to three days to perform well.

Women – The attention between the two women must be constant, that is, do not do anything to one who does not immediately do to the other, mostly if one of the women was your girlfriend or woman; Jealousy can cause discomfort between the relationship to three;

Time – You should spend time with both of them during sexual intercourse, that is. The penetration of the two women must be done equally; Something that a man “should be entitled to" is that women pay attention to him at the same time, why not one to give him oral sex while the other kisses him and then exchange? You can believe that there is nothing that makes the man crazier with lust than to be the attention of all for a while!

Do not confuse pornography with real life; that is, what you saw in the movies has nothing to do with reality; most porn actors take long to maintain their erection. The scenes are often recorded individually so, do not think that they are in the same sexual act for hours! It is expected that as an ordinary man you feel tired and even if you can't get the job done, don't be embarrassed because it happens to everyone! Above all, it is advisable not to go “too thirsty for the pot" and to want everything too fast, in these situations it is good to take your time.

Don't be afraid to experiment with a duo with escorts, let alone expose your sexual fantasy to your partner, as you never know if she doesn't share the same idea! There is nothing better than talking openly about the subject and discussing all the pros and cons, but rest assured that both are in agreement. One of the worst things for a relationship is that a woman does something upset, most likely there will be resentment and discomfort in the relationship afterwards! Discuss the subject and only then begin your search to find the ideal woman to have an unforgettable and fantastic sexual experience!