The five best-selling sex toys

Sexuality is one of the engines of humanity. Not only for its reproductive function, but, above all, for the playful part 

Eroticism is a human quality. We have relationships for fun, for the sheer pleasure of having them. And how good it feels. 

Sex is good on so many levels that it should be practiced often , but beware, even the most exciting and pleasurable activity can become routine and boring 

It is advisable to try new things from time to time, so as not to fall into it. 

Advantages of having sex 

Sex, apart from causing immediate pleasure, has many benefits that have been proven by science. Let's see a few. 

  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  •  Sex helps control stress. 
  • Sex prevents prostate cancer in men. 
  • Keeps you in shape. 
  • Improve your cardiovascular health.
  • Block the pain.
  • Improves the pelvic floor.
  • It helps to sleep.
  • Increases libido.

Disadvantages of having sex 

Actually none. If you do it right, sex doesn't have any disadvantages , being responsible and having an open mind are perfectly compatible. Anyway, here are the most obvious. 

  • Possibility of contracting an STD. 
  • Unwanted pregnancies. 

As you can see, there are two negative consequences of bad practices in sex. So if you have a head and you're careful , you don't have to experience them. 

How can sex be boring? 

Sex becomes a boring activity when it falls into a rut . There are many and varied jokes about sex and marriage, for example.  

But you don't have to be married to stop desiring your partner. You love her, you love being with her, but her sex has become repetitive. 

There is no novelty, there is no game, there is not much pleasure.  

So what can be done to restore sexual tension? What can be done to make you want a new sex session with your regular partner sooner rather than later?

Easy, visit a sex shop. It doesn't have to be in person. There are many on the internet.  Sex shops are stores full of products designed to increase people's sexual pleasure . 

Whether alone or with a partner, the options are almost endless. And something else: technology and sex have come together in marriage. 

And that is going to be durable. 

The five best-selling sex toys

There are products that are successful thanks to the huge sums of money that are invested in their promotion. But, for obvious reasons, erotic products do not have the same advertising channels, so if they succeed it is because of the most valuable advertising of all: word of mouth 

If these are the five best-selling sex toys in any online erotic store  in the world, it is because they have been a true revolution. 

Let's go there. 

1. Satisfyer pro 2.

This clitoral sucker, a silent evolution of the first, was such a groundbreaking product that it achieved unprecedented fame in the industry . Suddenly all the women were talking about it. It was on the news. Thanks to its different vibration modes it is adaptable to any need. It is still number one in sales 

2. Masturbator for him. 

The Pdx Cock Compressor is one of the best value for money male masturbators out there.  

The Flesh Fanta Lifelike material perfectly mimics the human body, it has ten stimulating vibration patterns, an air bag that is released by pressing a button, super suction and an adjustable locking suction cup. 

It's like buying a Ferrari at a Dacia price. 

3. Erotic lingerie. 

One option to keep in mind if you want to escape routine in sex is to buy erotic lingerie . And if it always stays ahead in the sales of an online erotic store, it is for a reason. There are all kinds of them – bodysuits, corsets, 3-piece sets, costumes, stockings, garters – and materials -nylon, latex, pvc, leather, satin, cotton. And something that is on the rise: male erotic lingerie. 

Erotic lingerie stimulates the imagination and excites in equal measure. 

4. Kits for couples. 

The 21st century has brought many novelties, and one of them is the release of the male anus in heterosexual relationships. In other words, you don't have to be gay to enjoy anal sex with your partner . Women also enjoy the stimulation of a body part full of nerve endings.

In fact, more and more couples are opting for kits -such as the Vaculock Dual Density Starter Set- with harnesses, vibrators and everything necessary to stimulate all parts of the body, both hers and his 

5. Sex Dolls. 

It may have been the confinement due to the pandemic, but sex dolls have experienced a brutal increase in sales in 2020. Do you have money and want to have a lesbian threesome with your partner? Do you feel like throwing a cane into the air to oxygenate your relationship but you don't want to betray your partner?  

Sex dolls have come to solve a lot of problems and brighten up the sex lives of many people. There are for all tastes: Caucasian, African-American, Asian, blonde, brunette… In fact, you can configure them to your liking. Do you like blondes with blue eyes? No problem. 

If your sex is routine it is because you want

We have presented you with the five best-selling sex toys, the current trends in the world, but there are many more things. Hundreds and hundreds of products to stimulate your imagination and your whole body 

Resorting to them, far from having the stigma -that of pervert- that it had until recently, is something common today and, as we have pointed out before, even healthy 

People, alone or with a partner, have found that resorting to sex toys can exponentially increase their sexual satisfaction .

Perhaps for this reason, according to the 'Sex Toys' study by the INSEAD business school, the Spanish erotic industry had an approximate volume of 145,603 million euros in 2019 , figures that, they estimate, could grow to 187,991 million in 2025.