One of the questions that most confuses me is when a man comes to me and asks me if I know cheap companions.

The truth is that a luxury escort is expensive, very expensive most of the time.

So the vast majority of men turn to cheap prostitutes, as they have no money to pay for my services (or for many of my colleagues).

I am sharing this issue with you because it is something that confuses me. But I will explain from the beginning.

The miracle of cheap escorts

The truth is that I have been a luxury escort for several years, and even before I started to work on my own, I worked in one of those escort companies (a bit dubious).

Although I had no idea how much the company charged for my services, I know that what I received was a tiny part of what they received (and yes, it was me who worked, they just gave the “catalogue" to the client to choose).

At that time, I can say that I was one of several cheap companions (since I received between £50  to £100 for each customer).

However, although I earned relatively well, the essential point was that everything was paid for by me, from clothes, lingerie, makeup, massages, in short, everything that is necessary to be perfect for customers.

That is, when he paid everything he had to pay, he was left with little money.

After walking for two years like this, and having a client portfolio, I decided to leave there and create my own business as a luxury escort.

Obviously, at this moment I attend clients of different nationalities, and I received well, which allows me to have a stable life, to travel (often with clients) and to have all the luxuries that a woman deserves.

I take care of myself, I go shopping daily to satisfy the needs of customers, but above all, at this moment I love what I do because I choose my customers, they do not select me.

For all men who want a cheap escort without having to spend a lot of money, the right option is to hire a prostitute, because luxury escorts are not cheap.

To all the women who look at me (or all the companions) sideways, I can only tell you that I know half the world and I am paid to do so. Very well paid (in many cases, in a week abroad with everything settled, I can earn more than the vast majority of people in a year of work)!

The only thing I want is for people to respect what I do for a living (very well, by the way), just as they appreciate a company accountant or the gentleman who serves them coffee every morning.

I don't steal in the streets; I don't have any kind of disease. I refuse to be treated by society as if I were degenerate.

Being a cheap escort is a job like any other, but being a luxury escort is much more than a job, it is a lifestyle.