Every day new ways come to us to achieve pleasure and well-being in our sex life. Massages, in general, are always an excellent option to enhance the enjoyment of two. Indeed, no one has never tried a massage as a way of giving and receiving pleasure. Today we bring here another massage that promises intense pleasure: the Nuru massage. Have you heard?

What is a Nuru massage?

 The word for this massage, Nuru, means “slippery" in Japanese. It is a massage that benefits both at the same time. There are no liabilities or assets; that is, it is not the classic escort massage where one of the partners does the massage while the other receives it. The differential of Nuru massage is that it uses both their bodies at the same time as a massage instrument, allowing a very intimate and sensual contact.

Steps to Nuru Massage

1. Preparation

As with all massages, it is always convenient to prepare the environment with soft lighting, pleasant temperature and relaxing and sensual music. In the case of the Nuru massage, extra care is necessary: ​​the massage should preferably be done on a mat, on the floor, on an impermeable surface, as the gel used, made from seaweed, is quite viscous.

The gel for the practice of Nuru massage is specific and can be found easily in sex shops. In some cases, gel and sheet are sold together, or, if not, you can purchase them separately.

The gel is colourless, has no smell and allows the bodies to become “slippery".

2. How to do it

With the two partners naked, one of them puts the gel on his hands and warms them up a little by rubbing one hand on the other. Pass the gel through your partner's body or yours, leaving it well smeared and start to slide the body. Use your thighs, chest, belly, buttocks, making sliding, smooth and continuous movements throughout your partner's body.

When the two of you have your whole body surrounded by the gel, start massaging each other with your own body. Make circular, reciprocating movements. Use your body to touch each other's erogenous zones. For example, caress your partner's vulva with your thighs and she, in turn, can use her breasts to massage the penis. Creativity is the limit. Just don't forget that penetration should be delayed as long as you can.

Benefits of Nuru Massage

Any type of massage is highly beneficial, whether it is for relaxation or pleasure. In the specific case of Nuru massage, the possibility of feeling every bit of your own body and your partner's body is an entirely different preliminary. Therefore, it s able to provide sensations never experienced creating greater intimacy and body connection.

Another benefit is that the gel used in the Nuru massage is extraordinarily moisturizing and will leave the body soft. It is easy to remove from the body and has no smell.

Do this massage or any other erotic massage, when you are not conditioned by time. The secret of massage is all the surroundings around your practice: the environment, the time and the mood.

If you like to know or know more about Nuru massage, share it with your friends so that they also have the opportunity to try this technique and improve their sex life.