Maybe you shouted the name of your ex while you had the best orgasm of your life, even the phone in mitad de la faena… they are more common things than that, but not only are limited to these “small details” . There are even more important things that you should not want to overlook. Let’s review the top 10 of the most common sexual mistakes that still commit thousands of lovers all over the world.

If you don’t feel bothered to keep your intimate areas as clean as possible, it’s more likely that you’ll enjoy sex with yourself as much as you expected, then you’ll end up avoiding it or causing very unpleasant situations. Little by little, your sexual partner will begin to find reasons for not visiting these areas that are never bad. Therefore, wash regularly and if possible. will thank you deeply.

Are you still believing that you have sex like a porn star or being close to Christian Gray and Ana Steele? In reality, in the whole world there is (or want) a Sala Roja, a year whitened or genitals waxed regularly. Don’t feel bad about not being charged with a blame totally unnecessary due to these absurd myths about sex and being proud to have sex with you couple in a more real way than there is, and how you like them to you mismxs.

Thoughts that insist, insist and insist are fun, but while you are so sexual you will ask yourself how to decide to go back. When you receive passwords of body language that you are in the mood, I want. If I say no, dejalo. If you don’t feel like it, let’s go. And under no circumstances should you blame him for emotionally blackmailing sex. They’re really not sexy at all.

Think your sex life is brilliant and satisfying, you have sex all the time, wait… when was the last time you had sex in the bedroom? An honest and relaxed conversation about your fantasies and desires offers the opportunity to reveal what you really want, as well as highlighting the areas that you both feel need some improvement. In the themes to broach from these themes with you sexual partner, everyone will improve in a way that you cannot imagine.

What do I want to decide with monotony as one of these common sexual errors? Sexual monotony can mean showing a lack of spontaneity in your sexual life, or not dedicating enough time to have sexual relationships in a busy life. If you always have sexual relationships the same day, the same time, the same postures, week after week or you feel that you simply don’t have enough time to enjoy it passionately with your couple (season of red), it’s definitely time to resolve it. Break the monotony!

Being prepared is the key to be able to have sexual relationships when they arise and without concerns. , full condom box…

I believe we have all been through this fast.

-You are very excited, ready to start, but where are the condo?

-Tienes your favorite sexual plaything of «guaranteed orgasm», but the batteries are exhausted.

-They are begging you to get them to your feet and salt you with her, but you can’t remember for all your life where you put these new bdsm wives.

And so a thousand and one situations that I am sure you have lived. ¡Cuéntanos alguna in the comments! Be prepared in the key to have sexual relations without worries, and to have enough lubricant and batteries, make sure that the condominium box is up and does not expire or regularly reorganize your collection of sexual toys and slavery equipment… It must be done once in a while, to always be prepared and not be willing to fight.

When you are comfortable with your couple, it is easy to allow sex to become a monotonous habit, to continue with you in a proven and proven way and nothing more. Total! That works for us. Unfortunately, any consuelo is not aware that your sex life is rancid and boring, and even if you suffer a loss of interest. Dale a bit of color putting on role games, wearing sexy nueva scarf or simply changing the location to a different dwelling. Do not limit y pongas on all the most important things and that you like them.

The ejaculation must not indicate the end of sex. Nor should you think that a sexual relationship is based on running it, there are many ways to enjoy and all of them are valid

She runs, if from la vuelta and goes to sleep. Hecho. Is it familiar to you?

The ejaculation must not indicate the end of sex. Women (in particular, but not limited to them) generally require a more stimulating sex session than simply being recipients of some pushes. Make sure you both enjoy a complete sex session that meets your needs.

For example, you can devote more time to stimulate each other with a very detailed erotic massage session. Why not follow it with a set of roles that complicate the fantasy of them before their sexual relationships. But above all, do not ruin everything by losing interest after the ejaculation. Nor should you think that a sexual relationship is based on running it, there are many ways to enjoy and all of them are valid. ENJOY SEX.

We are referring to self-censorship of the language raised in tone by what he will say… when it could be something super fun and exciting. Take care not everyone likes, but… is it proven? You always have time for them to tell you that I don’t like it.

A revolution, a few moans and a little more… Maybe it’s a good idea to invert and practice a few key phrases using a “subjective language of tone” can really increase the temperature a lot besides being very fun. As an additional benefit, hablar sucio reveals what you are really thinking to your couple, as well as the esfuerzo that implies being a fulfilled in sé mismo. If you give yourself the taste of using a “sucio" language, it can lead to really spectacular sex. Hello! Always within the respect that you like them apart from the parties.

Although we have ever more access to sexual education, there is much more openness for it and there is a shift towards greater sexual liberation and positivity on the same, people do not feel the need to fake orgasms. Pretending an orgasm on the ground can be dishonest for your partner and lack of respect for you, it is also useless any attempt to improve your sexual life that could otherwise happen. Instead of pretending, do it and make the necessary efforts so that you don’t have to do it. Remember that having sex does not necessarily include orgasms.