If anything characterizes the world of erotic toys, it’s carrying diversity like a flag. In addition to the most classic vibrators or new clitoris suckers, there are products for all tastes and anatomies: stimuli of all types, variable sizes, ergonomics, quality materials…

When it comes to pleasure, sometimes quality is better than quantity. And this principle is clearly reflected in products like candy or vibrant eggs, which are small in size; however, they can become great allies for our pleasure, due to their functionality and characteristics.

The innovation of small erotic toys comes with the vibrating thimble , from the Womanvibe brand. Keep reading this post as I tell you everything you need to know about this, in my opinion, a revolutionary product, so we decided to do this review.

much more than a vibrating bullet
Vibrating bullets revolutionized the world of erotic toys. And no wonder: wearing comfort, multiple vibration modes (or the possibility of using them without them), discretion, easy cleaning, elegant design… All the advantages of a classic vibrator but in a mini format (as per example the best perfumes, which come in small bottles ). Of course they also have their limitations, but their advantages more than outweigh them, then what you eat for what you serve.

The toy we’ll talk about in this post, Aisha, is more than a vibrating bullet. It is without a doubt the perfect fusion between a vibrating bullet and a massager. Amazing, isn’t it?

Aisha’s most striking feature is probably her ring built into the mini-bibrator. It is a silicone wrap designed to insert your finger and handle the massager directly. In this way, the product remains an extension of the finger itself. It is a very ingenious complement, because thanks to it we avoid possible inconveniences that may arise with this type of toys, such as slipping from the hand during use and falling off. The only downside to the ring is that it is unique and quite narrow, so it can be a limitation for people with thick fingers.

At the end of the projectile there is a flat surface, with a small roughness in the form of fibers, which provide different types of sensations in the parts where it is used. Also, part of this surface is flexible, so it adapts to any corner of the body that you want to stimulate.

Crowning the other end of the toy is the pleasure button. It connects directly with the only vibration mode Aisha has. But not everything is in the vibrations. This product has the quality of being able to be used with or without vibration.

The material Aisha is made of is super-soft, body-safe ABS silicone. Water resistant and delicate to the touch. A disadvantage is that it runs on batteries, so it is necessary to prevent and make sure you have a replacement for when they run out.

Maintenance and Cleaning
Cleaning and caring for erotic products are basic aspects to prolong their life and be able to enjoy them longer. In Aisha’s case, cleaning is not a difficult task, although it is necessary to do a thorough cleaning between the small fibers, since they are very close to each other. With a little water and mild soap we have our massager ready to continue working.

General evaluation
Aisha is the typical toy that goes unnoticed but is very functional. It can be used alone or in couples and is specially developed for vulvae, as it allows the clitoris to be directly stimulated.

It’s a staple in any erotic drawer. Simple to use and guaranteed results, highly recommended for people who are starting with erotic toys or for people looking to stimulate the clitoris.

Overall, the price-quality ratio is pretty good. You can find this product in toy and erotica stores at an average price of £19 (battery included).